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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Meet The Newest GHI Guy: Scott Tepperman

Today we are pleased to be presenting our exclusive interview with Ghost Hunters International's newest team member, Scott Tepperman. Scott was mentioned in a previous press release from SyFy and will be joining the team in the upcoming summer season of Ghost Hunters International. In our interview, Scott discusses more about how he become a part of the show, his fellow team members, his goals for the paranormal field, and lots more! You can read the full interview on our website.

What is your past experience in the paranormal field? How were you introduced to it?
I first became interested in the paranormal after becoming intrigued with the actual “Amityville Horror” case in Long Island, NY. Having visited the site several times, I began to learn more about the supposed claims of unexplained activity and became completely obsessed with the subject of hauntings and paranormal activity. I’ve been investigating the paranormal professionally for about 6 years. I moved to Tallahassee, FL in 2004 where I joined a local “ghost hunting” group. In 2008, after being their lead field investigator for nearly 5 years, I decided to launch my own group with another member from that team. ALPHA( was formed to help return the field of the paranormal to its roots: real, raw, responsible and straightforward investigations with no B.S. and no hidden agendas. ALPHA’s goal is to provide individuals with answers by, detailed field work always provided free of charge. Our approach to the field has been well received, as ALPHA is now a very successful organization with a favorable reputation.

How did you become involved in GHI?
I had always planned on trying to get onboard with TAPS or GHI since day one. In 2009, the other ALPHA co-founder and myself entered SyFy’s “Pair-anormal Contest” and actually were semi-finaled to the point that our contest submission was posted on the SyFy website. Since we apparently sparked the interest of someone over at the network, we decided that we would enter any and all contests in hopes that something would eventually stick. I entered the GHA / GHI casting call contest and everything took off from there.


  1. Will be looking forward to both additions!

  2. This guy is a real professional, the new GHI shows are going to be awesome!