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Thursday, April 1, 2010

SyFy Orders New Reality Show Featuring Jason, Grant, & Toilets

In a surprising new move to expand the enormously popular Ghost Hunters franchise, today SyFy announced that Ghost Hunters stars Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson will be starring in a new reality television series, tentatively named Paranormal Plumbers. The show is expected to start filming in late 2010 and the show will premiere on SyFy in summer of 2011. When asked about the purpose of the new show, SyFy reps said that they "wanted to give fans and viewers a look into the two extremely different jobs that Jason & Grant have (being RI plumbers by day and ghost hunters by night). People know them as ghost hunters, but what do they really know about them when the sun is shining and they're not in some creepy, dark location? We know that fans cannot get enough of them, so here is their chance to get to know the other side of our favorite paranormal investigators". SyFy has even hinted that Jason & Grant may encounter paranormal activity when plumbing and may have to use their skills as ghost hunters to help families and trapped souls. While this new move by SyFy may surprise some fans, it confirms several rumors that we heard before Ghost Hunters Live that suggested that there were plans to expand the Ghost Hunters franchise. We will keep you updated as more is announced about this new show.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! Aw, man, I so missed this one yesterday. I was waiting for people to go crazy, but they didn't. (Then again, I got distracted so...maybe like I didn't see yours until today I also didn't see others. Rats.) Still...funny stuff! Glad you Tweeted me so I was sure to see it. =)