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Saturday, April 10, 2010

TAPS Reaches Out to Girl with Cancer

Maybe before blaming TAPS for the RI flooding, the reverend behind it should have read this. In the newest issue of Ecto Magazine, a ghost hunters centric paranormal magazine, there is an article about a young fan of Ghost Hunters, Katelyn Rose Sass, that has been fighting cancer since September of 2008. Her mother contacted a TAPS family member who managed to get the attention of Jason & Grant who, along with Dustin, Steve, Tango, Kris, and others, sent Katelyn signed photos. They could have stopped there, but they did even more than that. The Ghost Hunters International team raised awareness for the cause during a charity event and team member Paul Bradford raised money for Katelyn through his online store, Creepy Hollow Gear. Read the whole story on the Ecto Magazine website. The article has also been published in Issue 3 of the magazine along with an article about paranormal television written by yours truly!

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