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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TAPS Caught "One of the Craziest Bits of Evidence" in Pearl Harbor

Tomorrow night's episode of Ghost Hunters will feature the TAPS team's investigation of Pearl Harbor. The Deadbolt has interviewed Amy & Adam in advance of the episode. They discuss the different areas of the site they investigated, the respect required for an investigation of this type, and the interesting footage (one of the craziest bits of evidence they've caught according to Amy) they shot using full spectrum technology.

Note: The interview and excerpt below does contain some spoilers about tomorrow night's episode.
BERRY: We knew that there was a great deal of respect that had to go into what we were doing. I mean, even though it’s still 69, 70 years later, it is a touchy subject. There are still veterans from the war that are around. But the entire island of Hawaii is very familiar with the incident and what happened, and there’s still a huge Japanese culture there and the Hawaiian culture. So treading lightly was our main focus, and to show as much respect as we could. But also, we were there to investigate. So our questions went along with that. Thanking them, whoever might be there, so that they knew if they were listening that we did mean as much respect as possible.

THE DEADBOLT: Can you talk about the light source that was seen in the hangar? What do you guys think that was?

BRUNI: That’s honestly one of the craziest bits of evidence we’ve collected, and we have these new cameras. The fact that we saw something and then put a camera there because we’d seen something, to get evidence as a result of that is amazing in itself because that doesn’t happen very often. Usually you see it and then it’s gone, but these new cameras have been phenomenal. We’ve been seeing the results from the field. There are many people who do what we do, and we were seeing evidence from them coming in from the field and we were like, “We need to get our hands on some of these.” So yes, there’s definitely more coming from those cameras. I think full spectrum technology is probably one of the biggest things that has happened for the paranormal field in a long time.

BIG NEWS: 'Ghost Hunters' Renewed for 8th Season in 2012

Ghost Hunters will be back in 2012 for Season 8! Entertainment Weekly is reporting today that Syfy has renewed the show for an eighth season consisting of 20 episodes.
The paranormal hit is Syfy’s longest-running reality show (and one of the most veteran on cable) and has spawned both spin-offs (Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Hunters Academy) and knock-offs (A&E’s Paranormal State) as it continues to reign as TV’s top paranormal docu-series. ...  Twenty new episodes are planned for 2012.
A special episode of Ghost Hunters will air tomorrow night (June 1st) at 8 PM before the series premiere of Haunted Collector on Syfy.

Ghost Hunters International starts its new season on July 13th and Ghost Hunters will complete its seventh season starting in August.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tweets of the Week #21

From the TAPS team

Fresh air… @davetango

End of the world (1)… @amybruni If this is the end of the world, I'm gonna spend it smelling flowers. Heading to the @ROCLilacFest. (…)@Jchawes Father/daughter dance tonight,And I am going with the prettiest girl in the world. If its the end of the world, then I am going out having a great time. (…)@davetango Well, it's 6pm. (…) @AdamJBerry it's 6:05... does this mean I still have to pay my taxes... (…)

Lovely! @Jchawes My lovely daughter heading to her prom. WOW, she is beautiful.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

'Pearl Harbor Phantoms' Sneak Peek

The wait for the new episode Pearl Harbor Phantoms is almost over! Here is a sneak peek clip to get you excited for Wednesday night. In the clip Josh Gates, Dave, & Britt experience some interesting activity in an aviation wing.

This episode will air on Wednesday, June 1st at the 8/7c (note that this is an hour earlier than usual due to the fact that new series Haunted Collector will premiere at the 9 o' clock time slot)!

Monday, May 23, 2011

GHI Wraps Up Investigation of a Historic Prison in New Zealand

The Ghost Hunters International team has just wrapped up their investigation at New Zealand's Napier Prison in Hawke's Bay.

The prison operated between 1862 and 1993, according to Hawke's Bay Today, which reported GHI's investigation. Although the co-manager of the prison wouldn't reveal any details about the team's findings, she did say that the team was "not disappointed".

The episode featuring the prison will air on July 18th on SyFy, although ironically the show doesn't air in New Zealand.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Check Out Maddie's Page on Facebook

People have wondered in the past if Maddie, TAPS' newest canine member, would ever get her own Twitter or Facebook account. Well wait to no longer, because Maddie now has her own page on Facebook where you can like her!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tweets of the Week #20

From the TAPS team

On the road… @britttgriffith Road-trippin to RI (via Ohio) to pick up our four legged team member for our next big adventure. (…) @britttgriffith Soooo, funny story. We were in Pittsburgh, had to do a reveal in New Castle and we ended up in Ohio. Thank you GPS...... (…)So, Iris, our Production Assistant who has busted my B**** about ending up in Ohio instead of New Castle PA, just...  (...)@britttgriffith Killing time on the road.....

Visit… @amybruni My former goth heart demands I visit Edgar Allen Poe's grave today. Maybe I'll listen to Bauhaus on the way there...and smoke a clove. (…)Visiting @Edgar_Allan_Poe's original gravesite.

Break… @grantswilson Jammed again last night. Making serious progress! (…) @amybruni Off to the royal wedding! RT @hcnoel: Hat shopping with @amybruni & @ shelley_noel
(…) @amybruni Where am I?  (...) @AdamJBerry Hanging on the patio at our new summer place... glad that the cleaner is coming tomorrow! @BenGriessmeyer  (...) @AdamJBerry Cheetos last sunning on the porch... Good bye Ptown Bungalow. Rentable throughout the summer!  (...) @britttgriffith Hanging out at @Jchawes house. Kids screaming, dogs barking, door bell ringing.... ahhhh,,, just like home...:-) (…) @britttgriffith Getting my ass handed to my in Gin Rummy. I did not know this was a contact sport:-/ (…)@britttgriffith Headed to.the gym, time to sweat before tonights investigation (…) @amybruni In Baltimore and the Yankees are in town this week. Yay, someone to root against! ;) (…)@amybruni and Game of Thrones...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tweets of the Week #19

From the TAPS team

Stanley Hotel Event… @amybruni My morning coffee. This place is heaven.  (...)@BenHansen00 So the front desk said they were instructed to put me on the most haunted floor. (…) @joe_ghi nice...we have to do this from time to time! Kinda sucks. :) (…)@AdamJBerry Just starting the signing at the Stanley hotel! (…)@AdamJBerry Relaxing at the Stanley Hotel! Beautiful day for a ghost hunt!  (...)@AdamJBerry Blogging away at The Stanley @factorfaked  (...)@amybruni Mountain breeze and majestic views....can I just stay here forever and ever and ever and...wait, I'm creeping myself out. (…)@amybruni Fun! RT @JennCook724: @amybruni  (...)@britttgriffith Moi! I'm live on TwitCasting from The Stanley  (...)@amybruni At the Denver airport. Nerding out with @AdamJBerry and @BenHansen00  (...)@AdamJBerry RT@amybruni @adamjberry  nice meeting you guys! Get some rest!

Wisdom… @britttgriffith Lmao, late night words of wisdom from @benhansen00; never take a sleeping pill and a laxative the same night.

Risky… @britttgriffith I have had no sleep, I have to do a Q&A, I am extra filterless. God help this crowed .

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Now You Can "Like" GHI on Facebook

Although Ghost Hunters has had an official Facebook page for some time, Ghost Hunters International has never had one in the past. But never fear! In an effort to promote the new season premiering on July 13th, SyFy has launched an official GHI page on Facebook. Why not join the almost 18,000 (at the time of this posting) people who have already liked the show?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

TAPS Investigates 3 Locations in Pennsylvania

Last Saturday, the TAPS team investigated a former police station in Homestead, Pennsylvania. A film crew conducted interviews and took shots of the building this Friday, wrapping up production at the location. According to a local paranormal group, the police station is home to a vortex, or gateway between the spirit world and our own. The Greater Pittsburgh Paranormal Society reported screams and movement from their investigation back in 2008.

The Carnegie Library of Homestead looks impressive, but is it haunted?
(Image from Google)

The team also searched for spirits at the Carnegie Library of Homestead and at an unnamed location (maybe a private residence?) in the Steel Valley area, about an hour away from the former police station.

These investigations are expected to air sometime later this year as part of Season 7.

Tweets of the Week #18

From the TAPS team

Maddie Superstar… @Jchawes Tonight is a investigation. Maddie is resting up. That dog rocks. (…) Damn girl has taken up my whole bed. Starting to think she is getting a big head being on TV..  (...)@amybruni I love snuggling with Maddie during breaks in the investigation. She's probably the most spoiled doggy on tv... (…)@britttgriffith hanging out with the star of the show....  (...)@SteveGonsalves1 I love Maddie! Secret photo by Amy Bruni.  (…)@amybruni The rough life of Maddie.

At work… @britttgriffith Nap time before investigating tonight.... going to be a long night... (…)@amybruni Whew...slept a whole four hours and we're back at it again tonight. Coffeeeee..... (…)@britttgriffith Loooong ass night investigating is finally done. Time to get some sleep and then a ride-along with the Homestead...  (...)@AdamJBerry Feeling much better after a little exercise. Now relaxing then evidence review later! #USA (…)@amybruni Taking a day off from the gym for the first time in awhile. Why do I feel guilty?

Wedding… @AdamJBerry watching the lovely footage of the Royal Wedding on CNN. So lavish. Mine will be just like that... #acceptingdonations

Pair… @amybruni I should probably look a little closer next time I pack my flip flops.