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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tweets of the Week #20

From the TAPS team

On the road… @britttgriffith Road-trippin to RI (via Ohio) to pick up our four legged team member for our next big adventure. (…) @britttgriffith Soooo, funny story. We were in Pittsburgh, had to do a reveal in New Castle and we ended up in Ohio. Thank you GPS...... (…)So, Iris, our Production Assistant who has busted my B**** about ending up in Ohio instead of New Castle PA, just...  (...)@britttgriffith Killing time on the road.....

Visit… @amybruni My former goth heart demands I visit Edgar Allen Poe's grave today. Maybe I'll listen to Bauhaus on the way there...and smoke a clove. (…)Visiting @Edgar_Allan_Poe's original gravesite.

Break… @grantswilson Jammed again last night. Making serious progress! (…) @amybruni Off to the royal wedding! RT @hcnoel: Hat shopping with @amybruni & @ shelley_noel
(…) @amybruni Where am I?  (...) @AdamJBerry Hanging on the patio at our new summer place... glad that the cleaner is coming tomorrow! @BenGriessmeyer  (...) @AdamJBerry Cheetos last sunning on the porch... Good bye Ptown Bungalow. Rentable throughout the summer!  (...) @britttgriffith Hanging out at @Jchawes house. Kids screaming, dogs barking, door bell ringing.... ahhhh,,, just like home...:-) (…) @britttgriffith Getting my ass handed to my in Gin Rummy. I did not know this was a contact sport:-/ (…)@britttgriffith Headed to.the gym, time to sweat before tonights investigation (…) @amybruni In Baltimore and the Yankees are in town this week. Yay, someone to root against! ;) (…)@amybruni and Game of Thrones...

Proud daddy…@Jchawes At my kids karate tournament, my twin sons are already eyeing the competition. Their looking for the biggest kid...  (...) Just took kids for celebration lunch. 2 1st place trophies for fighting, 2 1st place trophies for weapons, 3 2nd...  (...)These kids rock.They did their best and did awesome.  (...)@Jchawes My 11year daughter said to me earlier, "dad this guy says the rapture is going to happen on Sunday during the...

First class… @grantswilson Whoa, got the coveted "A1" boarding pass on Southwest! (…)Holy crap. Scored the coveted "A1" boarding pass on southwest TWICE in a row!

Giant sushi… @grantswilson Me trying a huge piece of sea urchin sushi in Hawaii.  (…) @MistaKJ Grant! Sea Urchin with a Quail egg on top is like a sushi Sundae!

Ouch… @britttgriffith I just kicked the chair leg with my bare feet. I think i just ripped my toe nail off. OUCH! who the hell left the...

Danger… @amybruni Two hotels in a row next to nice malls. Can't decide if this is amazing or very, very bad.

At work… @amybruni Residential case tonight! Our favorite...SO many great cases coming up for the next run of episodes kitty cats! (…) @amybruni Waiting to investigate. Playing with new iPhone camera apps.  (...)@britttgriffith Long night investigating, off to work at 2:30pm yesterday and crawled into bed at 7:30am this morning... Cool case...  (...)@britttgriffith The reason you guys have a great show to watch is because of the hard work of these guys. They are a motley group...  (...)@amybruni Getting ready to head to Rochester for the weekend. Will be nice to get out of hotels for a few days :)

All about Howie… @Jchawes Umm..howie is seriously screwed up.  (…) He's not all there.  (...)Your a evil man Howie

Logical… @amybruni Love that in order to buy credits to get on this airport wifi, you have to be connected to the Internet - which you need credits to do.

Quote… @davetango "I do not fear death. I had been dead for millions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it"- MT

Music… @amybruni listening to "Depeche Mode - Precious" ♫  (…) listening to "Smashing Pumpkins - The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning" ♫  (…) Grew up with these boys and they've made music magic. For reals. Falcon, Disappear:  (...)@davetango listening to "kevinthekid - Feed Me feat. Tasha Baxter - Cloudburn (FULL)" ♫

Wet… @britttgriffith Iris and i trying to out run the rain.... it did not work out so well..

From the GHI team

New Zealand… @KrisWilliams81 Almost 1 case down... 3 more to go! (…) @ScottGHI Long day today! Pretty cool location, but getting ready to move on to our next case tomorrow. 2 days of traveling ahead... (…) @ScottGHI Heading to bed. Have to pack tomorrow & head back out on the road to our next destination. Who knows just what we'll find... ; ) (…)@ScottGHI Okay...getting ready for a 4 hour drive, 3 hour ferry and ANOTHER 4 hour drive. Cue the "Holiday Road" theme song from Vacation... (…)@GHIPaul TRAVEL DAYS! 5hr drive to hotel, Ferry in the Morning 3hrs then ANOTHER 4hr drive to next hotel, plenty of #DoctorWho on my iPad should help (…)@ScottGHI You know when people say "in the middle of nowhere"? Well, we just found it... (…)@GHIPaul Day two of travel, just woke up and about to get my things together for another LONG day... oh well here we go again! (…)@GHI_Susan Getting ready to settle in for our overnight investigation... Not sure whether sleep is an option when things go bump in the night. (…)@ScottGHI Working on a GREAT case in NZ! You guys will love this one! : ) (…)@GHIPaul Well I'm gonna take full advantage of going to sleep while its still dark so Goodnight all and thanks for all the support, you guys rock! (…) @ScottGHI Just got done with a GREAT case in New Zealand! Now, a couple of days of evidence review. Ugh... (…)@GHIPaul Ok taking a break from Audio review to make some Spaghetti Bolognaise.... (…)@GHI_Susan Noticing all the Rugby players staying at my hotel.wonder which team they are on.I guess i'll see em out on the field tomorrow at the match! (…) New Zealand Rugby players... holla... lol
(…) @GHI_Susan . Im moving here... or at least getting a summer home here... pref. N. Island

Relieved… @ScottGHI Well, it's Saturday here - I avoided Jason Voorhees once again. Don't think I wasn't looking out my windows into the woods, though... ; )

Bug… @ScottGHI Okay...I need a fix. The karaoke bug is biting hard right now... (…) @KrisWilliams81 oh shit... wheres that bug swatter...

Night rainbow… @barryghi Witnessed a night rainbow tonight, I never thought there was such a thing until I saw it for myself. Quite amazing, oh and I got a photo :) (…) The night rainbow we caught tonight in New Zealand. Quite amazing.  (...) @GHIPaul
Have you ever seen a Rainbow at night? I have....  (...)Have you ever seen a Rainbow in total darkness?? I have.....

Yeah! @KrisWilliams81 Who's looking forward to July 13th?!?!? All NEW episodes of GHI will be here before you know it!!!! :)

Clowns… @GHIPaul Just heard theres gonna be no more Ronald McDonald, well thats 1 clown down still many more to get. Preventing nightmares 1 clown at a time

Crazy… @KrisWilliams81 In the middle of planning something crazy... (…)We do crazy things when we are a fan... I'm planning my craziest fan girl moment ever... #crazyfangirl

Alert… @ScottGHI Just had to evacuate the hotel as 2 fire engines responded to an alarm. The cause? Barry's room. I swear GHI should come with a disclaimer! (…) Sausage burning from a frying pan was the culprit! (…) @KrisWilliams81 Apparently @barryghi doesn't know how 2 cook a sausage-We all just had 2 evacuate building-So many ways this can be taken-but not a joke lol (…) @ScottGHI When the alarm sounded, there was a collective WTF moment as everyone pretty much figured it was one of us... (…) @barryghi I apparently got blamed because the hotel was evacuated today. I'm declaring my innocence :) Besides the smoke alarms are too sensitive :)

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