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New Season

Watch the new season of Ghost Hunters starting on Wednesday, August 24th!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sneak Peek of 'Norwich State' Season Finale

For the spring season finale of Ghost Hunters, TAPS investigates an abandoned mental hospital that's notorious among locals for its paranormal activity.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Syfy To Create Ghost Hunters Academy Video Game

Ever wanted to able to hunt for ghosts just like Steve, Dave, Jason, Grant, and the rest of the TAPS team, without all the hassle of actually having to do much? If you said yes, you might just be in luck because SyFy has just announced that they have plans to produce a video game based on the new series Ghost Hunters Academy that will be available in an iPhone, iPad, and Nintendo platforms (however this may be expanded in the future). The iPhone version will also use augmented reality in conjuction with the unit's camera feature in order to create odd images (ie ghosts) onscreen. The article doesn't mention when SyFy plans to release the game, however it is likely that it will come out before the end of the year.

The two companies are also working to bring Syfy television franchises to consoles and PCs, starting with a game based on the upcoming reality series Ghost Hunters Academy. In development by THQ for the Nintendo DS, Apple iPhone and iPad platforms, the game will have players trying out to join the Ghost Hunters team. The iPhone version will also utilize the device's camera for an augmented reality feature.

"Both Ghost Hunters and Red Faction [another video game planned for 2010] are great examples of how we are absolutely committed to [gaming], and it is going to be more than just taking the name, it is going to really be part of the overall experience," Seiffert says.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Introducing Our New Forum!

Today we are pleased to be introducing a new feature to GhostHuntersFans.Net! We've opened up a new, easy to use forum in which you can use your Twitter, Facebook, Google Blogger, OpenID, MySpace, Facebook and other types of social media accounts to login. All you have to do is visit the forum and get started! This is a new feature to the site and we are eager to see how to turns out, so go and give to a try at Thanks in advance!

Are You Ready For the 'Spirits of the Night?'

The TAPS team takes on a whole new case this Wednesday involving a tormented family in 'Spirits of The Night'.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Next Generation of Ghost Hunters

Students at the Portland Arts and Technology High School recently investigated claims of paranormal activity on their campus with high tech equipment such as voice recorders, low light cameras, temperature gauges, and EMF meters. The investigation is part of a project in which they learn about video production and cameras. The students will produce a Ghost Hunters-esque 30 minute video about their experiences in the school in the near future. Is this the next generation of Ghost Hunters?

In the next video they talk about their findings and experiences during the investigation.

Brian Harnois Guest at Pensacola Lighthouse Investigation Sunday

Brian Harnois, previous Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International investigator, is going to be a special guest tomorrow night during the Pensacola Circle of Life Expo taking place tomorrow night. The Pensacola Lighthouse was recently featured on Ghost Hunters and guests can still buy tickets to investigate the location with Brian and other paranormal celebrities. You can find out more about the event and investigation on their website.

Investigate the Mt. Washington Hotel with TAPS Tonight

Aaron Sagers of Paranormal Pop Culture will be blogging tonight from the Mount Washington Hotel in New Hampshire during a live paranormal investigation. Several TAPS members will at the location tonight for the event and you can interact with them via this live blog that will begin at 10 PM EST. In the past, the TAPS team has answered questions from fans and shared photos and videos from the investigation. So if you don't have anything else planned tonight, why not go on an investigation with TAPS? Just visit at 10 PM EST tonight!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fan Gets Hat Signed By Steve & Dave

Lucky Ghost Hunters fan and GhostHuntersFans.Net visitor Ryan Walsh got to meet TAPS' Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo last weekend and he even got a hat signed to prove it! He was nice enough to send a photo of it in, so here it is for all to see. Thanks to Ryan for letting us post it on the site! If anyone else attended the event, you can send your own photos and/or report to and we will put it on the site.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ghost Hunters Check Into the 'Inn of The Dead' this Wed.

The Ghost Hunters are investigating the Orleans Waterfront Inn in Cape Cod tomorrow night during an all new episode! Check out the sneak peek below:

Sunday, April 18, 2010

TAPS Paranormal Boot Camp Held in Fort Henry, NY

Amateur paranormal investigators were hunting for ghosts at Fort William Henry in Lake George, New York last weekend while attending a Paranormal Boot Camp help by The Atlantic Paranormal Society. Attendees were taught the proper use of equipment such as EMF meters and audio recorders and also got first hand experience investigating the fort. GHI investigator Dustin Pari also was looking for ghosts during the weekend long event and investigation. TAPS will also use the event for research to decide if a future episode of 'Ghost Hunters' should be filmed at the location.

About 60 people gathered on Friday night to walk the grounds of the Fort William Henry Resort and replica fort to search for proof of paranormal activity that countless people - guests, employees and others - have reported encountering.

The 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. investigation was part of the TAPS Paranormal Boot Camp, a weekend-long program led by The Atlantic Paranormal Society geared towards novices interested in learning how to detect and interact with the spirit world.

Hours before the investigation unfolded, those would-be ghost trackers were
broken into training groups and sent out into the field to study.

TAPS coordinator Syd Schultz II led paranormal seminars through the day to teach how to use the tools of his trade, including EVPs - electronic voice phenomenon
readers - and EMFs, electromagnetic field readers.

The fort was chosen because it's known as a hot spot for paranormal activity, said Austin, Fort William Henry's ghost guru. The site was home to a massacre in the mid-1700s during a war between local Indians and British soldiers.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Ghost Hunters Visit the 'Inn of the Dead'

As previously reported in February, TAPS investigated Cape Cod's Orleans Inn during the first week of February and in a new article on Wicked Local Cape Cod, the owner of the inn said, "They [TAPS] definitely found some stuff that makes you think". The results from the investigation will air on April 21 during the episode 'Inn of the Dead'. The owner of the inn, Ed Maas, says that the location is haunted by at least three ghosts and that they are well known in the local community. Among them are Paul the dishwasher and Hannah, who was murdered in front of the inn.

Ed Maas can’t tell you much about the upcoming episode of Ghost Hunters focusing on the Orleans Inn, but he can say this: tune in.

“They definitely found some stuff that makes you think,” said Maas, who owns the inn.

Back in February a team from the popular show, which airs on the Syfy channel, spent several days at the inn after getting a tip from the chamber of commerce that the historical spot was haunted.

What they found with their high-tech equipment will be revealed on April 21 during the episode, “Inn of the Dead.”

“It was fascinating,” said Maas, of the time he spent with the two plumbers, Jason and Grant.

Most locals have heard about the ghosts that inhabit the inn and Maas and his family has gotten used to them, even attached, over the years. Maas said along with some cats that haven’t completely crossed over that occupy the closet in Room 4 there are at least three ghosts.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Live Blog with the Ghost Hunters at Eastern State Pen. Tonight

UPDATE: Although the event is now over, you can still read about what happened on the Beyond Reality Events website. Some odd things happened during the investigation including distortion of the laser grid (Amy said she had never seen this happen before), EVPs, and shadow activity. You can find audio and video links inbetween the text updates. Amy did answer some questions from fans near the beginning of the blog.

Tonight from 9 PM to 2 AM EST, TAPS is going to be investigating Eastern State Penitentiary along with Chip Coffey from Psychic Kids. Paranormal Pop Culture blogger Aaron Sager will be covering all the action live through this blog and at giving armchair ghost hunters a complete interactive experience. " You'll have a chance to ask them questions, see photos, take part in polls and make suggestions on where I should go next in this interactive experience." Jason, Grant, Amy, & Britt are all expected to be a part of the live blog tonight. Don't miss it!

TAPS Reaches Out to Girl with Cancer

Maybe before blaming TAPS for the RI flooding, the reverend behind it should have read this. In the newest issue of Ecto Magazine, a ghost hunters centric paranormal magazine, there is an article about a young fan of Ghost Hunters, Katelyn Rose Sass, that has been fighting cancer since September of 2008. Her mother contacted a TAPS family member who managed to get the attention of Jason & Grant who, along with Dustin, Steve, Tango, Kris, and others, sent Katelyn signed photos. They could have stopped there, but they did even more than that. The Ghost Hunters International team raised awareness for the cause during a charity event and team member Paul Bradford raised money for Katelyn through his online store, Creepy Hollow Gear. Read the whole story on the Ecto Magazine website. The article has also been published in Issue 3 of the magazine along with an article about paranormal television written by yours truly!

Friday, April 9, 2010

TAPS Is Looking For 'Ghosts In The Attic' This Wednesday

The Ghost Hunters are looking for 'Ghosts In The Attic' in the upcoming new episode of Ghost Hunters airing this Wednesday on SyFy! SyFy Video has a sneak peek of the investigation that you can see below.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Reverend Claims TAPS Cause of RI Flooding

Reverend Clyde H. Higgins has published an article on ChristWire.Org that claims that the recent severe flooding taking place in Rhode Island is God's way of showing that he is tired of TAPS "opening portals to hell and playing with those spirits." The article claims that TAPS (incorrectly referred to as the Transatlantic Paranormal Society) is a satanic organization whose actions are causing the devastation taking place in Warwick. The article even goes as far as to say that if the show is not cancelled soon "the citizens will fill their airways clog and not be able to breathe but to yelp out for help and mercy for God". It is clear that the Reverend has never seen a single episode of Ghost Hunters and has missed the whole point in which TAPS tries to help families who are suffering from paranormal activity.

There's more! I found another post on the same site dated March 31 which carries on the same theme but adds that TAPS is satanic, pro-witch, and (the best part) demon-posessed! Plus it claims that Ghost Hunters Academy teaches children to do Satanic things like demon summoning rituals! The article continues "Each week these two tap deep into the sewage systems of hell by communicating with Satanic spirits. They try to cross the forbidden line between the spiritual world and the natural without it being ordained by God. Neither one of these men is a priest or pastor and they have no such business communicating with demons." You can even infer that Jason & Grant are druids! But most importantly I am disgusted by the article's mention of "noble acts the Salem witch trials". The witch trails were not noble in any sense and it is simply sickening to me to think that in the 21st century someone actually thinks this way.

Behold the power of God as he floods Warwick, New Jersey off out of His country of America.Ghost Hunters is an evil TV show that airs on the SyFy cable channel. On it they teach people how to play with Satanic spirits and Oiuja boards. God does not ordain these things and therefore it is sin in his eyes.

It is no secret that God once flooded the entire Earth for sin. God promised to never destroy the Earth win a flood again, but he said nothing about flooding entire cities until everything is drowned for wickedness.

Now we see Rhode Island is being flooded for hosting Ghost Hunters. Ghost Hunters is a secret Satanic sect known as TAPS (Transatlantic Paranormal Society). You can interchange Society for Satan in that acronym, because that is what this show represents.

God has grown tired of how this show is opening portals to hell and playing with those spirits. It is not right or moral and is evil.

Steve & Dave Guests at Chicago Comic & Ent. Expo

TAPS investigators Steve Gonsalves & Dave Tango are going to be guests at the upcoming Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo taking place April 16 - 18, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. Although the exact details of the event are unclear at this time period, Steve has confirmed on his Twitter account that he and Dave will doing a panel and taking pictures with the audience. If you want more information about the event and/or are looking into buying tickets, visit the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo website.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ghost Hunters to Investigate Philadelphia Zoo

The Ghost Hunters are headed to Philadelphia to investigate America's oldest zoo, the Philadelphia Zoo. They will be shooting and episode tomorrow and Friday nights, according to Philly.Com. Although home to many animals, the ghosts that are said to haunt the administration building and other locations around the zoo are all human in form. The investigation will air in fall.

THE PHILADELPHIA Zoo is haunted, say staffers who are glad that they may soon have some understanding of what spirit or spirits could inhabit America's oldest zoo.

The SyFy Network's "Ghost Hunters" will shoot at the zoo tomorrow and Thursday nights, investigating several areas where workers have reported flickering lights or apparitions.

The locations include Solitude House, which John Penn, grandson of William Penn, built in 1784 and which formerly housed reptiles; the Penrose building, which used to be a research laboratory and vet hospital; and the Shelly building, now used for
zoo administration.

"We feel very strongly that there is some sort of haunting here, and we're looking forward to finding out what," says Kirsten Wilf, marketing specialist for the zoo. Wilf says that Jody McNeil Lewis, vice chair of the board, had the idea to contact "Ghost Hunters."

Wilf says that employees have seen only human forms. No animal spirits are thought to be haunting the premises. Lewis, who is among those who have seen evidence of hauntings, is to be interviewed, as are revenue-control supervisor Will Gonzalez and primate keeper Desiree Haneman.

Monday, April 5, 2010

SyFy Giving Away Ghost Hunting Kit via Twitter

SyFy is giving away a Ghost Hunters Academy kit with an EMF meter, IR thermometer, and more! All you have to do is retweet a special message via Twitter before 5 PM PT on April 9th (Friday). If you haven't yet joined Twitter, now is a great time to do so! Plus,when @GHFans reaches 1,000 followers on Twitter, we will give away some Ghost Hunters t-shirts to celebrate!

SYFY - "I'm giving away a #GhostHunters Academy Kit w/an EMF meter, IR Thermometer & more to someone who RTs this note by 5pm PT on 4/9."

TAPS Testing Medical Technology

The Business Wire has posted an interesting news article today which discusses the use of KB Port's ETC Technology on the show Ghost Hunters. The technology was originally intended to be used by medical students to simulate training situations, but has proved to be an invaluable addition to TAPS's vast array of equipment. The TAPS team is even testing new additions to the eqipment so that KB Port can expand upon their technology and open into new markets. The ETC is also used in physchology and counseling and has even seen interest by the Department of Defense.

Kb Port’s involvement with these two groups is no accident. In fact, Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, and Britt Griffith of TAPS have performed extensive field testing with the ETC. In their time with the product, they’ve thoroughly familiarized themselves with the equipment to provide KB Port with valuable feedback concerning the strengths of the ETC.

While the technology was originally designed for medical training simulations, its feature set suits it perfectly for use in the realm of paranormal investigation. Specifically, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and EMF readings can be tagged to individual audio and video recordings—allowing the ETC to log large amounts of data while remaining synchronized. Additionally, the ETC allows users to manually flag an event during live recordings or during post process—especially useful for paranormal investigators who wish to mark a specific moment in a recording for future reference.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

TAPS Goes to School This Wednesday

TAPS is headed to my neck of the woods this Wednesday as they investigate a haunted reform school. Check out the sneak peek below!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

SyFy Orders New Reality Show Featuring Jason, Grant, & Toilets

In a surprising new move to expand the enormously popular Ghost Hunters franchise, today SyFy announced that Ghost Hunters stars Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson will be starring in a new reality television series, tentatively named Paranormal Plumbers. The show is expected to start filming in late 2010 and the show will premiere on SyFy in summer of 2011. When asked about the purpose of the new show, SyFy reps said that they "wanted to give fans and viewers a look into the two extremely different jobs that Jason & Grant have (being RI plumbers by day and ghost hunters by night). People know them as ghost hunters, but what do they really know about them when the sun is shining and they're not in some creepy, dark location? We know that fans cannot get enough of them, so here is their chance to get to know the other side of our favorite paranormal investigators". SyFy has even hinted that Jason & Grant may encounter paranormal activity when plumbing and may have to use their skills as ghost hunters to help families and trapped souls. While this new move by SyFy may surprise some fans, it confirms several rumors that we heard before Ghost Hunters Live that suggested that there were plans to expand the Ghost Hunters franchise. We will keep you updated as more is announced about this new show.