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Monday, April 26, 2010

Syfy To Create Ghost Hunters Academy Video Game

Ever wanted to able to hunt for ghosts just like Steve, Dave, Jason, Grant, and the rest of the TAPS team, without all the hassle of actually having to do much? If you said yes, you might just be in luck because SyFy has just announced that they have plans to produce a video game based on the new series Ghost Hunters Academy that will be available in an iPhone, iPad, and Nintendo platforms (however this may be expanded in the future). The iPhone version will also use augmented reality in conjuction with the unit's camera feature in order to create odd images (ie ghosts) onscreen. The article doesn't mention when SyFy plans to release the game, however it is likely that it will come out before the end of the year.

The two companies are also working to bring Syfy television franchises to consoles and PCs, starting with a game based on the upcoming reality series Ghost Hunters Academy. In development by THQ for the Nintendo DS, Apple iPhone and iPad platforms, the game will have players trying out to join the Ghost Hunters team. The iPhone version will also utilize the device's camera for an augmented reality feature.

"Both Ghost Hunters and Red Faction [another video game planned for 2010] are great examples of how we are absolutely committed to [gaming], and it is going to be more than just taking the name, it is going to really be part of the overall experience," Seiffert says.

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