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Friday, September 9, 2011

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Why is Everyone Obsessed with a Ball from Last Night's Episode?

If you've been on Twitter or Facebook lately, you've likely come across the now (hopefully) settled controversy over a ball seen on last night's episode of Ghost Hunters. So far it seems like people were uncertain of the ball's origin (paranormal or otherwise) and were wondering why nobody seemed to react to it. Here's a recap of all the confusion, if you feel out of the loop.

The ball in question appears in this part of the investigation with Jason, Grant. and Maddie (the star of last night's show for many) around the 45 minute mark. 

Amy has posted this on Twitter:

For everyone still talking about the ball. We tagged it, and I knew what it was from reviewing the evidence and having been in the room... [ ] Myself that evening. I swear, some people will just run with any little thing and cry foul. Calm down. It was just a ball and I'm... [ ] Sure there wasn't enough time for the editors to include an explanation.(Like the money we used as a trigger object but was never explained).

Adam added this:

  there was a ball in that room from the kids toy room and we were playing with it and maddie loved it as well [ ] Hey everyone! There was a ball in the kids toy room and we were playing with it and maddie loved it ad played with it to. It looks blk in IR

Jason's thoughts on Facebook:

Commenting on episode that aired last night and everyone asking::
I know there was a ball that Maddie was playing with earlier in the night on Hillview case but I have not seen 

the show to say if it was that or not. That ball was in a room on other side of building.

Hopefully that clears up all the confusion about this ball seen during the episode.