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New Season

Watch the new season of Ghost Hunters starting on Wednesday, August 24th!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tweets of the Week #24

From the TAPS team

To the East! @amybruni This just in - Amy Bruni making the east coast plunge. Tis true, with the signing of season 8, I will be moving east. Location TBA. ;) (…)The Cali commute was killing me this season and I miss my own bed too much. Still deciding where I'll end up, but will be an August move. (…) Let's not get crazy. RT @murray1134: @amybruni moving from CA to the east.. next thing you know, you'll be rooting for the Yankees :) (…)@amybruni Yes, the rumors are true - this girl is moving to Rochester, NY in August. Don't worry Cali, just for as long as ghosts keep me east! (…)@amybruni Wait a minute? You guys mean to tell me upstate New York has harsh winters? Shut the front door! ;)

T-Shirt… @AdamJBerry tons of cmets on my shirt 2day:"that a band" 2"is it supposed 2 mean something" nope just an American Buffalo

Kris Williams Blogs About GHI Season 3

Kris Williams recently updated her blog and gave fans a taste of what they can expect in Season 3 of Ghost Hunters International.
I am currently home on break after running circles for the last few months with my team over on GHI! All of us are having a blast working together and can not wait for you all to see the new season! 
We start off in Trinidad at an old coco plantation and over the past few months have also hit Argentina, England, Isle of Man, Ireland, New Zealand and American Samoa! There are a few locations that will definitely change my list of "favorite cases" whether it be for the adventure, debunking or insane paranormal activity...
She also addressed her feelings about being the first female co-lead (of the GHI team) in the Ghost Hunters series.
On top of all of this, I have been finding my way as the first female co-lead on a Ghost Hunters series... I take it as a huge honor and hope to make you guys proud. I have even been getting a little louder with my skeptic ways..
You can read Kris's full blog post on her website.

The third season of GHI will premiere on Wednesday, July 13th on SyFy. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Kris Williams Names the Most Haunted Location in America

What location does Kris Williams think is the most haunted in America? Watch the AOL interview below to find out!

You’re watching You’ve Got Kris Williams

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New GhostVillage Interview Reveals Grant Wilson's Creative Side

As part of a new feature on feature showcasing creativity in the paranormal community, Grant Wilson sat down for an in depth interview about his novels, music, & raising his family in the arts.

Image property of Grant Wilson/
Included in the interview are samples of some drawings Grant has done for his fantasy novel project (which isn't quite a graphic novel). Grant also discusses how he adapts his creative process for creating music while on the road with Ghost Hunters.

Grant's advice for aspiring talent...
Don't ever give up. Write, draw, play, paint, sing whatever YOU enjoy, and let the world say what they will. Make art for you, if you only make it for others you'll never make true art. It's ok to make it for others, but make sure you make some for you. Chances are, what you make for yourself will be more prized than anything you make for others.
Be sure to read the full interview and see more of Grant's artwork here.

Monday, June 13, 2011

TAPS Investigates Missouri State Penitentiary

The Ghost Hunters crew was recently in Missouri, investigating the Missouri State Penitentiary.

Jason Grant were originally scheduled to attend the announcement of the investigation, but were not able to make it.

As usual, the details of their investigation are secret are top secret, although a tour guide did say that the team was "in aw" of the location and that they had never seen a more massive prison.

The episode featuring the prison should air sometime later this year as part of Season 7.

The prison was in operation from the late 1800s until 2004. It now operates as a museum that can be toured by the public.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tweets of the Week #22

From the TAPS team

Relax… @SteveGonsalves1 In Philly for 2 days and then home!!!! (…)@amybruni Arrived in Philly! Love this heat and excited to see so many great people tonight! (tho @iemanage already made fun of my paleness). ;) (…)@amybruni Made it to Rochester. Excited to relax for a couple days...sleeping in, wine tasting, @rocredwings tomorrow...summer! (…)@amybruni Hanging at @rocredwings game with @GrillatStrath. Perfect night for a game!  (...) @amybruni Just ate amazing amounts of sushi. My night is rad...and it's just starting. (…)@Jchawes Last two days has been hanging with brother, sisters, nieces and nephews on a lake jet skiing and swimming. I am...  (...)@amybruni Watching @hankandcupcakes in Rochester and they're blowing me away. How did I not know them? (…) @amybruni Fierce.  (...)@amybruni Saw them last night. & ♫  (…)@amybruni Home for four days! Operation pet kitties/get massage/visit family/go wine tasting/run errands is in full effect. (…)@AdamJBerry Sun babies!! Beautiful day on the cape today!

Black & Red… @amybruni I have Darth Maul nails.

Videos… @Jchawes Fixed this video. It is awesome. Britt gets pulled over and given a 162. dollar ticket.. Subscribe today to my...  (...)

Hiking… @grantswilson Prepping to hike a mountain in NH. Not telling which one. Going to be an amazing recharge for me! Can't wait!

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Friday, June 3, 2011

June Events Calendar

Check out some of the appearances that TAPS & GHI members will be making this month. For June, there are events in Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, California (a rarity), Tennessee, and Minnesota!

For a list of more events iin the future and to see if the team will be coming near you anytime soon, visit the upcoming events page on the fansite!

And if you plan on attending any of these events, feel free to send in photos/reports/etc. after the event to and it will be posted on the site.

What: Frontier Para Con
Who: Britt Griffith
When: June 11, 2011
Where: Amarillo, TX
What: Paranormal Exposition
Who: Amy Bruni, Dustin Pari
When: June 11 - 12, 2011
Where: Levittown, PA
What: Haunted Fort Wayne
Who: Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango, Dustin Pari
When: June 18, 2011
Where: Detroit, Michigan
What: Haunted Porterville, Ca
Who: Barry, Britt, Joe, Paul, Susan, Scott (w/ Bill Murphy, Chip Coffey)
When: June 24-26, 2011
Where: Porterville, CA
What: Ghost Hunt Weekends - Thomas House
Who: Steve Gonsalves, Amy Bruni
When: June 25, 2011
Where: Red Boiling Springs, TN
What: CONvergence 2011
Who: Britt Griffith
When: June 30 - July 3, 2011
Where: Bloomington, MN

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Watch the New GHI Promo Video

A new promo for Ghost Hunters International aired during last night's episode of Ghost Hunters and you can now watch that promo on Facebook.

In addition, GHI Tech Manager Paul Bradford updated his Twitter account to say that the team has just wrapped up filming their summer episodes.

And thats a wrap...... GHI has officially finished filming this Summers episodes heading home tomorrow. Your gonna luv these cases!!
The summer season of Ghost Hunters International will premiere on Wednesday, July 13th.

Read the 'Pearl Harbor Phantoms' Recap

Here's a recap of what happened on last night's special episode of Ghost Hunters 'Pearl Harbor Phantoms' (or should we say Part 1?).

Image property of

For the first time, the TAPS team headed to Hawaii to investigate the Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor, site of the infamous December 1941 attack. They are joined by Destination Truth's Josh Gates and Britt Griffith (w/o Steve). Jason, Grant, & Josh hear movement, find random K2s, and see a window get blacked out in Hangar 79. Dave & Britt are able to find high EMFs in the artifacts trailer that could be the cause of claims of paranormal activity. Back in Hangar 79, Amy & Adam first hear noises and then see a bright light. Dave & Britt set up a full spectrum camera in the same area in hopes of catching the light on camera. While they are looking for animals on the thermal, Jason & Grant hear footsteps above them in Hangar 79. When Amy, Josh, & Britt team up for a flashlight session in Hangar 37, the flashlight lights up and rolls away (twice), before staying silent the rest of the night. Jason, Grant, & Josh hear walking and see a low moving shadow in Hangar 37. Dave discovers that the word "bullet" seems to cause some activity in Hangar 79 and in Hangar 37 Jason & Grant hear running. Josh, Britt, & Dave see a shadow that turns into a light source later in the same hangar.

As the team heads home, Steve calls Jay & Grant and tells them about an urgent case involving a family. Jay and Grant decide to head home straight away and leave the rest of team to sort the evidence.

We'll get to see the evidence that the team caught on August 24th when the second half of Season 7 premieres!

This recap and many others can be read on our episode guide page!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another Interview with Amy & Adam: Scaring Steve & More

SciFi Vision has posted more of the conference call interview with Amy & Adam mentioned in the last post. The lengthy interview contains lots of interesting little tidbits including: a memorable experience with Meat Loaf, the place they would most like to investigate, their road schedule, pranking Streve, and much more.
SCIFI VISION: Do you guys or have other people ever played pranks on you just to scare you? Or is it kind of more serious?
AMY BRUNI: No. We're constantly playing pranks on each other.
AMY BRUNI: Any chance we get to scare each other in the dark we go for it. And, I got Steve really good at that theater - or where was it? At the opera house.
ADAM BERRY: Oh, yes.
AMY BRUNI: Yes. He was climbing - he didn't realize these stairs were leading right up to where Adam and I were grabbing something really quick, and so I'm like, "Oh, be quiet. This is it."
And so Steve comes walking up the stairs and we jumped out and he just screamed and flails backwards and hurls obscenities. And he's just the best person to scare. It's so much fun.
ADAM BERRY: Yes. We also try to scare our crew and the crew tries to scare each other, especially when they're walking through alone and - it's always fun to hear the stories.
AMY BRUNI: We need to make a blooper reel or something like that.
ADAM BERRY: I know. I know.
AMY BRUNI: I don't think there's enough time. It would take up hours.