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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kris Williams Blogs About GHI Season 3

Kris Williams recently updated her blog and gave fans a taste of what they can expect in Season 3 of Ghost Hunters International.
I am currently home on break after running circles for the last few months with my team over on GHI! All of us are having a blast working together and can not wait for you all to see the new season! 
We start off in Trinidad at an old coco plantation and over the past few months have also hit Argentina, England, Isle of Man, Ireland, New Zealand and American Samoa! There are a few locations that will definitely change my list of "favorite cases" whether it be for the adventure, debunking or insane paranormal activity...
She also addressed her feelings about being the first female co-lead (of the GHI team) in the Ghost Hunters series.
On top of all of this, I have been finding my way as the first female co-lead on a Ghost Hunters series... I take it as a huge honor and hope to make you guys proud. I have even been getting a little louder with my skeptic ways..
You can read Kris's full blog post on her website.

The third season of GHI will premiere on Wednesday, July 13th on SyFy. 

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