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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New GhostVillage Interview Reveals Grant Wilson's Creative Side

As part of a new feature on feature showcasing creativity in the paranormal community, Grant Wilson sat down for an in depth interview about his novels, music, & raising his family in the arts.

Image property of Grant Wilson/
Included in the interview are samples of some drawings Grant has done for his fantasy novel project (which isn't quite a graphic novel). Grant also discusses how he adapts his creative process for creating music while on the road with Ghost Hunters.

Grant's advice for aspiring talent...
Don't ever give up. Write, draw, play, paint, sing whatever YOU enjoy, and let the world say what they will. Make art for you, if you only make it for others you'll never make true art. It's ok to make it for others, but make sure you make some for you. Chances are, what you make for yourself will be more prized than anything you make for others.
Be sure to read the full interview and see more of Grant's artwork here.

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