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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tweets of the Week #24

From the TAPS team

To the East! @amybruni This just in - Amy Bruni making the east coast plunge. Tis true, with the signing of season 8, I will be moving east. Location TBA. ;) (…)The Cali commute was killing me this season and I miss my own bed too much. Still deciding where I'll end up, but will be an August move. (…) Let's not get crazy. RT @murray1134: @amybruni moving from CA to the east.. next thing you know, you'll be rooting for the Yankees :) (…)@amybruni Yes, the rumors are true - this girl is moving to Rochester, NY in August. Don't worry Cali, just for as long as ghosts keep me east! (…)@amybruni Wait a minute? You guys mean to tell me upstate New York has harsh winters? Shut the front door! ;)

T-Shirt… @AdamJBerry tons of cmets on my shirt 2day:"that a band" 2"is it supposed 2 mean something" nope just an American Buffalo

Break… @britttgriffith Hanging out in Amerilo TX for the Frontier Para Con at the Ambassador Hotel. Love this city and State. Great people here with big trucks. (…)@britttgriffith getting new Ink today by Michelle Russell. Kind of a dark pice. well share when done... (…)@amybruni Oh Vino've saved me again. (…)@amybruni For everyone asking what I'm drinking - vino. Always wine. ;) (…)@SteveGonsalves1 (…)@amybruni Finished filming for the day. What a whirlwind week! Unwinding at the hotel bar with @AdamJBerry (…)@amybruni I think the cameras should turn and we should shoot the GH crew. They keep me laughing constantly! Wish you all could experience it! (…)@amybruni At dinner with our producer and @MistaKJ (...)@Jchawes In Chicago then home later this afternoon. Can't wait to get home and hang with the family. then Taps family... (...)@amybruni For being a night owl, I sure love breakfast in bed on a sunny morning... (…) @AdamJBerry going out for a stroll in Ptown.. have to find a wedding present!! I know there is something out there that is just PERFECT! (…)@MistaKJ Bruins win the cup!! Great job boys!! Unbelievable! (...) @Jchawes At the NBC event today at Chicago and all the sudden in walks my old friend C.M. Punk from WWE. Was good seeing...

Tub Room… @amybruni Literally, half my hotel room is a whirlpool tub. (...)@amybruni Bow chicka wow wow... RT @thrilla81: @amybruni what's up with all the mirrors in that room too?!?! Haha!

At Six Flags…@AdamJBerry Off to a fun day at Six Flags St Louis!! Been a long time since I rode a coaster!! Weeeee (…) No likey... (...) @amybruni Did you go on it yet?!? (…) @AdamJBerry yes!! Too scary... I thought I was going to come disconnected! (..) @amybruni Eeek! I'm so jealous! Is everyone having fun???(…) @AdamJBerry This could be our new ride.. Zoinks! (...)@AdamJBerry Adam BerrySuperman is still alive!! (...)@AdamJBerry This is @amybruni and I but we NEVER run

Hungry… @davetango Oh, your going to be delicious.
Symptoms… @britttgriffith I have now been 24hrs with out my phone, i think the DTs are starting to set in. I have cramps, cold sweats and i think i just saw a pink elephant....

Toad… @grantswilson Underneath that hat, Toad is actually just a fat Lego person.

Suggestions… @AdamJBerry Everyone should read #thenormalheart by #larrykramer "The Normal Heart is our history ... Learn from it and carry on the fight." (…) @davetango If you happen to find yourself at a Denny's, do yourself a favor and order the Hawaiian Tropical Pancake Puppies. Enjoy.
Creepy… @Jchawes Had some guy follow us thru airport yesterday for over a hour. Even followed us into the restroom. Just stood behind us the whole time watching and staring. He never even said hi, which would have made it less creepy.I think some of them other shows are trying to have us hit....Lmao

Q&A… @amybruni How about a quick q and a? Five questions - I'll answer the most original ones! ;) go! (…) @amybruni Ben & Jerry's chocolate fudge brownie of course. RT @realpatthebaker: @amybruni Whats the best kind of ice cream? (…)Lots...most recently was in Project Mgmt RT @sdawn99: @amybruni What jobs did you have before Ghost Hunting? What was your favorite? (…) I have and it wasn't pretty. I'll bring u next time! ;) RT @bleutopia: @amybruni have you ever tried to sing to a ghost? (…) Bladerunner RT @sedonatweeted: @amybruni what's a movie you can watch over and over and it never gets old? :)

Movies… @amybruni Staying myself a mani/pedi, catching up on Game of Thrones, nerding out on the internet... (…)RT @KieraPSI: @amybruni Drooling over Jason Momoa?: Yes, even when he's ripping out throats. ;) (…)Just caught up on Game of Thrones. Holy. Shit.

Killer… @Jchawes OK, Maddie has some serious issues. She comes in from outside and seems upset that nothing was out there for her...

On the road… @amybruni Long day on the road...12 hour drive ahead of us. I'm the only taps member left this weekend, so just the crew and me! (…)Next 12+ hours... (...)amybruni This is my "another day of driving?" face. But I have coffee! And tunes! :)

Music… @amybruni Loving this uber spooky ghost song by @Flula ;) (...)
@amybruni listening to "Cowboy Junkies - Sweet Jane" ♫ (…) listening to "Yo La Tengo - Gentle Hour" ♫ (…)listening to "Pixies - Bird Dream Of The Olympus Mons" ♫ (…)@amybruni listening to "Felix Da Housecat - Moviedisco" ♫ (…)RB @ladypaulina: ""Lime green and tangerine, the sickly sweet colors of the devil in my dreams."" ♫

Trivia… @britttgriffith does anyone know what this is?

From the GHI team

Days off… @KrisWilliams81 Leave LA tomorrow-drive to Vegas 4 wkend. Excited for a wkend in Vegas but just as excited 4 watchin tv in PJ's on my sofa in NH next wk... (…)@KrisWilliams81 Hello, Vegas. Its been way too long. (…) @GHI_Susan Sweet time at the Iron N Ink fest at the one and only Queen Mary! (…)@KrisWilliams81 A day full of traveling to finally get home!!! Wishing i could just blink and be there... ruby red slippers please! (…)@GHIPaul Today looks to me like a Power Tools, TARDIS construction, Xmen: New Class and IHOP kind of day... (…)@GHI_Susan Just visited the Tim Burton exhibit at the LACMA. I almost cried twice it was so amazing! I DIED!!! (…)@GHI_Susan I & 3 The Melancholy Dead of Oyster Boy and Vincent!!! In Heaven! (…)@KrisWilliams81 Finally! A sunny day at home drivng around with my top down! ... on the car, pervs ;) (…)@KrisWilliams81 Kick ass lil rock and roll restaurant in New Zealand!! (…) @KrisWilliams81 Inside the lil rocker restaurant in New Zealand :) @TheDoors (…)@ScottGHI GREAT night of karaoke! I covered Rob Zombie's "Feel So Numb" and Smashing Pumpkins' "Bullet With Butterfly Wings"! Posting on my FB now... (…)@GHI_Susan Ah man!!! What can I say? Lounging around... Enjoying time off and spending it with foreign friends and family....

Confusion… @KrisWilliams81 Slightly confused by the amount of men wearing cowboy hats in NH....

Turbulence… @KrisWilliams81 Nothing like crazy turbulence and one asshole girl screaming "we are all going to die" to be funny. Shes lucky i didnt punch her. (…) Now sittin next 2 nail biting, foot tappin guy listenin 2 something crazy on his ipod laughin 2 himself-Maybe i should offer him my sandwich (…) RT@bkoskowski the headline would read, World famous ghost hunter quiets rowdy passenger. She exercised her demons (…) @KrisWilliams81 "Exorcised" as in knocked her ass out. :) (…) @KrisWilliams81 Aaaaaaa... moved seats. Hello empty middle seat and quiet chick reading by the window. (…) @KrisWilliams81 Lil reading for the flight :)

Movies… @KrisWilliams81 Watching Hannibal... Anthony Hopkins is F#%King creepy! I love him... (…)@ScottGHI Yeah, buddy - got myself a "Knight Rider" marathon of my DVDs running now! Prob watch several hours of it tonight. Nice! : ) @GHIPaul Mixed emotions about X-Men: New Class second half for me was much better then the first was pretty slow getting (cont) (...)@KrisWilliams81 Ohhhhh shit. Just when i was about to go to bed... i find one of my fav movies on AMC... Se7en. Shit.

Fan trip… @KrisWilliams81 Strange days have found us, and through their strange hours we linger alone...… @TheDoors (…) @KrisWilliams81 Just a couple of weeks till I'm on the craziest trip of my life...Ultimate fan girl trip-Still can't believe I'm goin to do it... @TheDoors (…)For those of you who didnt hear, Im headed to Paris for the 40th Ann of Morrison's death! Going to visit his grave AND see @TheDoors (…)Robby and Ray play the night of in Paris with David Brock from the tribute band Wild Child :) @TheDoors and if course visit the catacombs!

Addiction… @KrisWilliams81 First it was tetris. Then it was fruit ninja. Now its bejeweled. Stupid addictive games.

The Hunt… @barryghi Right I'm heading back into the garden to defend my roses from those pesky rabbits. Wire covered roses, that should do the trick. (…)Lets see how the rabbits cope with an ACME mine field, que evil laugh ha h ha h ha :)

Postcards… @KrisWilliams81 For those askin abt postcards-keep an eye out here on twitter. I only send out 5-10 at a time from whatever country we r in if i find them.

Interview… @ScottGHI Check out a new @aolyouvegot interview with Kris Williams. Good stuff! : )

Aliens… @KrisWilliams81 RT @MediaStarPower: @KrisWilliams81 Are you more afraid or ghosts, demons or aliens and why? ME: Aliens. One word. Probe. Lol

Q&A… @KrisWilliams81 Quick Q&A! Non-para! ;) go! (…) RT @agreenway6: @KrisWilliams81 favorite Pink Floyd song? ME: Wish You Were Here (…)RT @Bill_CostelloAZ: @KrisWilliams81 What kind of car do you drive? ME: 2007 Mustang. Shes my lil Bitch ;) (…) RT @myfpsgamingtop: @KrisWilliams81 whats your favorite muscle car ME: late 70' Vets and the old Shelbys (…) RT @Chattmom13: @KrisWilliams81 If u could have dinner w/3 pple, living or dead, who would it be? ME: Morrison, Dali & my ancestor Mary Dyer (…) RT @WonSickPuppy: @KrisWilliams81 2nd favorite band next to the Doors? ME: Led Zepp (…) RT @marvinduranr: @KrisWilliams81 do u still draw superheroes?? ME: i wish i had time! Hmmm...that would be an interesting "prize"... (…)RT @jaj22: @KrisWilliams81 what decade would u prefer to live in if you had a choice? ME: teen in the 70's-cars, music, clothes-luv it.
(…)RT @Lightsout32: @KrisWilliams81 favorite movie growing up ME: Labyrinth (…) RT @bradkuhlman: @KrisWilliams81 what's up traveler? When are u headed back out? ME: to LA or for work? :)

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