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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tweets of the Week #22

From the TAPS team

Relax… @SteveGonsalves1 In Philly for 2 days and then home!!!! (…)@amybruni Arrived in Philly! Love this heat and excited to see so many great people tonight! (tho @iemanage already made fun of my paleness). ;) (…)@amybruni Made it to Rochester. Excited to relax for a couple days...sleeping in, wine tasting, @rocredwings tomorrow...summer! (…)@amybruni Hanging at @rocredwings game with @GrillatStrath. Perfect night for a game!  (...) @amybruni Just ate amazing amounts of sushi. My night is rad...and it's just starting. (…)@Jchawes Last two days has been hanging with brother, sisters, nieces and nephews on a lake jet skiing and swimming. I am...  (...)@amybruni Watching @hankandcupcakes in Rochester and they're blowing me away. How did I not know them? (…) @amybruni Fierce.  (...)@amybruni Saw them last night. & ♫  (…)@amybruni Home for four days! Operation pet kitties/get massage/visit family/go wine tasting/run errands is in full effect. (…)@AdamJBerry Sun babies!! Beautiful day on the cape today!

Black & Red… @amybruni I have Darth Maul nails.

Videos… @Jchawes Fixed this video. It is awesome. Britt gets pulled over and given a 162. dollar ticket.. Subscribe today to my...  (...)

Hiking… @grantswilson Prepping to hike a mountain in NH. Not telling which one. Going to be an amazing recharge for me! Can't wait!

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Good news! @Jchawes We haven't even finished season 7 and Syfy has ordered season 8 of Ghost Hunters for next year. Congrats and You all rock. (…)@amybruni Thanks for all the congrats on the 8th season everyone! We're pretty excited to continue the madness! :)

Wildlife… @Jchawes Well it appears its "that one week a year when the Lunar moths fly all around". They are awesome, this and the...

Good excuse… @amybruni Ghost Hunters marathon all day...which probably explains why all your co-workers called in sick ;)

Tornadoes… @Jchawes Oh, Tornado warnings and golf ball size hail expected in my area. This should be interesting. Touchdown of one in...  (...)@amybruni Tornado warnings here too? Mother nature - simma down! (…)@SteveGonsalves1 The National Guard is all over Springfield,MA...amazing!

Special episode… @AdamJBerry Nothing like planning a cookout for the new episode and it's going to thunderstorm. Pop the bottles..(…)@MistaKJ An all day #GhostHunters marathon, plus an all new episode tonight in just over an hour! Can you say #epicday! (…)@AdamJBerry so @amybruni is about to do the GH zombie walk (…) @amybruni why must you draw attention to it!?! ;) (…) @AdamJBerryANNNNND There it is! @amybruni created the #ghosthunters zombie walk and she is the best at it! (…) @AdamJBerry :@amybruni Cause its so cute and after you did it... you commented that you totally did a zombie strut.. (…)@amybruni I love our puzzled looks @AdamJBerry! (…) @amybruni Now that's what I call a cliffhanger.... #ghosthunters (…)@amybruni My own mother is calling me, furious she has to wait. I'm sorry guys! Tonight was a special. The 2nd half of S7 starts August 24th

Compassion… @davetango I always feel sorry for those background actors who get unnecessarily shoved to the ground in chase scenes.

Changes… @amybruni Big changes coming for me! Spent the morning in planning OCD mode, but now I have the satisfaction of clear direction. :) (…)@amybruni Good change! No, definitely not leaving GH! I'll spill the beans in a week or so! :)

Wisdom… @amybruni My massage therapist today, "The only water I drink is when the ice melts in my cocktail."

Dusty… @Jchawes Getting some well deserved rest after cleaning out the entire Garage. I was not aware I owned so much crap. I...

From the GHI team

Goodbye Samoa… @GHIPaul 5 more days til I begin my journey home, I cant wait to see my wife and kids really looking forward to this, cant come fast enough... (…) @KrisWilliams81 WOOOOHHOOOO!!!!! :D 5 more Days!!! Here I come Los Angeles! :) (…) @KrisWilliams81 HELLO OUT THERE! :) Getting ready to look for dead things. (…) @GHIPaul Again?? (…)@barryghi We are heading to Honolulu in a few days, I've never been before and it will be interesting to see it from the air. (…) @GHIPaul Analysing the data we caught from the past few nights while at the same time researching my next #DoctorWho build (Steampunk'd Dalek) (…) @GHI_Susan Lovely days in American Samoa... staying here a few days extra... getting some ink :) (…)@ScottGHI Done with our last evidence review for the summer season! Kinda tired. Gonna unwind with a horror movie & go to sleep... : ) (…)ScottGHI Heading out today to take some new headshot pics. Some pretty awesome locations to pick from. These will be AWESOME! : ) (…)@KrisWilliams81 Start our trip back to the states tomorrow! :D (…)@GHI_Susan waiting to head out to Tisa's Barefoot Bar... gonna eat some traditional Samoan BBQ... mmmmm...nom nom! (…)@ScottGHI Just wrapped filming on the summer season of GHI!!! Tune-in July 13th for the BEST SEASON YET!!! : ) (…)@barryghi Books are ready and the music station is charged, although I think I may sleep this first flight. (…)@GHIPaul iPad Fully Charged, iPhone Fully Charged, iPod Fully Charged, Nintendo DS Fully Charged... All Locked and Loaded I'm ready to go home!! (…) @KrisWilliams81 Great people, crazy sunsets, pretty beaches, great hotel with amazing pool... one of a few weeks where it felt more like vacation then work! (…)@GHIPaul Hour layover in Hawaii about to head to LA..... Aloha!!

Fan trip… @KrisWilliams81 Few more weeks till my ultimate fan girl trip... Can not wait...

Event… @barryghi I'm attending the Haunted Carlow Book Launch at The George Bernard Shaw Theatre in Carlow, Ireland on June 11th. Showing the guys support

Nice try… @GHIPaul Theres no place like home, theres no place like home, theres no place like home. Nope Im still here guess Ill have to fly like everyone else (…) @GHIPaul Ok Im off to Reverse the Jelly baby of the Neutron flow (I know some of you will understand that) #GeekMoment #DoctorWho

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