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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another Interview with Amy & Adam: Scaring Steve & More

SciFi Vision has posted more of the conference call interview with Amy & Adam mentioned in the last post. The lengthy interview contains lots of interesting little tidbits including: a memorable experience with Meat Loaf, the place they would most like to investigate, their road schedule, pranking Streve, and much more.
SCIFI VISION: Do you guys or have other people ever played pranks on you just to scare you? Or is it kind of more serious?
AMY BRUNI: No. We're constantly playing pranks on each other.
AMY BRUNI: Any chance we get to scare each other in the dark we go for it. And, I got Steve really good at that theater - or where was it? At the opera house.
ADAM BERRY: Oh, yes.
AMY BRUNI: Yes. He was climbing - he didn't realize these stairs were leading right up to where Adam and I were grabbing something really quick, and so I'm like, "Oh, be quiet. This is it."
And so Steve comes walking up the stairs and we jumped out and he just screamed and flails backwards and hurls obscenities. And he's just the best person to scare. It's so much fun.
ADAM BERRY: Yes. We also try to scare our crew and the crew tries to scare each other, especially when they're walking through alone and - it's always fun to hear the stories.
AMY BRUNI: We need to make a blooper reel or something like that.
ADAM BERRY: I know. I know.
AMY BRUNI: I don't think there's enough time. It would take up hours.

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  1. Oh yeah, a blooper reel would be EXCELLENT!!!! I'd like to know if anyone has ever gotten Jason and/or Grant--seems like they'd be hard to catch.