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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TAPS Caught "One of the Craziest Bits of Evidence" in Pearl Harbor

Tomorrow night's episode of Ghost Hunters will feature the TAPS team's investigation of Pearl Harbor. The Deadbolt has interviewed Amy & Adam in advance of the episode. They discuss the different areas of the site they investigated, the respect required for an investigation of this type, and the interesting footage (one of the craziest bits of evidence they've caught according to Amy) they shot using full spectrum technology.

Note: The interview and excerpt below does contain some spoilers about tomorrow night's episode.
BERRY: We knew that there was a great deal of respect that had to go into what we were doing. I mean, even though it’s still 69, 70 years later, it is a touchy subject. There are still veterans from the war that are around. But the entire island of Hawaii is very familiar with the incident and what happened, and there’s still a huge Japanese culture there and the Hawaiian culture. So treading lightly was our main focus, and to show as much respect as we could. But also, we were there to investigate. So our questions went along with that. Thanking them, whoever might be there, so that they knew if they were listening that we did mean as much respect as possible.

THE DEADBOLT: Can you talk about the light source that was seen in the hangar? What do you guys think that was?

BRUNI: That’s honestly one of the craziest bits of evidence we’ve collected, and we have these new cameras. The fact that we saw something and then put a camera there because we’d seen something, to get evidence as a result of that is amazing in itself because that doesn’t happen very often. Usually you see it and then it’s gone, but these new cameras have been phenomenal. We’ve been seeing the results from the field. There are many people who do what we do, and we were seeing evidence from them coming in from the field and we were like, “We need to get our hands on some of these.” So yes, there’s definitely more coming from those cameras. I think full spectrum technology is probably one of the biggest things that has happened for the paranormal field in a long time.

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