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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tweets of the Week #18

From the TAPS team

Maddie Superstar… @Jchawes Tonight is a investigation. Maddie is resting up. That dog rocks. (…) Damn girl has taken up my whole bed. Starting to think she is getting a big head being on TV..  (...)@amybruni I love snuggling with Maddie during breaks in the investigation. She's probably the most spoiled doggy on tv... (…)@britttgriffith hanging out with the star of the show....  (...)@SteveGonsalves1 I love Maddie! Secret photo by Amy Bruni.  (…)@amybruni The rough life of Maddie.

At work… @britttgriffith Nap time before investigating tonight.... going to be a long night... (…)@amybruni Whew...slept a whole four hours and we're back at it again tonight. Coffeeeee..... (…)@britttgriffith Loooong ass night investigating is finally done. Time to get some sleep and then a ride-along with the Homestead...  (...)@AdamJBerry Feeling much better after a little exercise. Now relaxing then evidence review later! #USA (…)@amybruni Taking a day off from the gym for the first time in awhile. Why do I feel guilty?

Wedding… @AdamJBerry watching the lovely footage of the Royal Wedding on CNN. So lavish. Mine will be just like that... #acceptingdonations

Pair… @amybruni I should probably look a little closer next time I pack my flip flops.

Hope… @davetango Every now and then you can't help but lose hope for humanity, but then one good samaritan comes along and gives you that hope back.

Music… @amybruni "We're a different pair, just something out of step..." ♫  (…)@davetango listening to "AWOLNATION - Sail" ♫  (…)@amybruni listening to "vanyaka - The Soundtrack of Our Lives - Second Life Replay" ♫  (…) @amybruni Awolnation - Sail A pretty incredible song on ye olde Dre Beats. ♫  (…) listening to "Hugo - 99 Problems (SpinningDiscs)" ♫  (…)listening to "Camper Van Beethoven - All Her Favorite Fruit" ♫

Yummy… @SteveGonsalves1 Sue at TALA knows we like cookies!!

Sushi diet… @Jchawes 4th day in a row Britt and me have hit the Sushi place for lunch. All low calorie and high protien. Nice way to keep the old weight off.. (…)@britttgriffith L:  at Kiku Japanese restaurant eating Sushi for the third day in a row. Love the sushi diet, down 5lds.

Heat… @amybruni Trying to replicate bikram yoga in my hotel room by turning the heat way up. It's not working.

Robot… @davetango

Handcuffed! @britttgriffith Ummm, can anyone bail me out????;)

Bad girl… @amybruni Catching up on season 4 of Californication. That show makes me want to misbehave. So great!

Day off… @AdamJBerry And now presenting: CHEETO ON THE BEACH  (...)@MistaKJ Finally got the workshop up and running! Working on some custom cabinets and doors. Feels good! Nice day too.
2012… @MistaKJ My drivers license expires on 12/22/2012...the day the world us suppose to end. Do I renew it the day before or...

Ghost Hunters on a plane… @AdamJBerry Sitting next to @amybruni and @britttgriffith on the plane... I hope they dont fart... (…) @amybruni :@AdamJBerry I'm more worried about YOU. @britttgriffith (…)@britttgriffith :where are we, who are you... why am i here???? (…) @amybruni We are in row 30 and I'm sitting next to Adam and Britt. That drink cart can't get here fast enough.
(…) @britttgriffith :@amybruni Hey! at least you have Adam as a buffer before get to you... (…) @AdamJBerry Three Stooges sitting on the plane.. side by side. tweeting to each other on their respective mac books #losingit @britttgriffith @amybruni (…)@britttgriffith I just knocked @AdamJBerry arm off the arm rest, now hes not talking to me.. (…) @AdamJBerry :@britttgriffith your such a bully! (…) @BenGriessmeyer @britttgriffith You have my permission to fart on @AdamJBerry ;-) (…) @AdamJBerry ewww...! (…) @britttgriffith done and done (…) @britttgriffith @amybruni just yelled at @AdamJBerry and me to stop touching each other. She is such a mom to us.. (…) @amybruni @britttgriffith @AdamJBerry Nerds. Both of you. (…) @AdamJBerry I see the drink cart!! (…) @britttgriffith hey @amybruni @AdamJBerry the drink cart just went by. (…)
@britttgriffith Snack time US Air style...  (...)@amybruni I don't like turbulence! (…) @britttgriffith I love the turbulence. I also asked the Captain if he could do a barrel roll. @amybruni & @AdamJBerry should love that to;)

Oops… @BenHansen00 I'm off to the Stanley Hotel in CO for the weekend. Hope I don't get a haunted room. I need my sleep! (…) @amybruni :@BenHansen00 oops! I'll see about moving ya... ;)

From the GHI team

Birthday… @GHI_Susan In Temecula wine country having a wine tasting pre party... Yay!!!! It's a beautiful day!!! (…)Im feeling so lazy... Maybe today is a good day off to do nothing :/ Oh well... maybe a game night will do :) (…) THANK YOU ALL FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES!!! YOU GUYS ARE ALL AWESOME!

Music… @KrisWilliams81 Into new rock w/classic rock sound? Dare u 2 listen & not luv it- @Jonathan_Tyler (…) Here's another I'm lovin by Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights

Kris Project… @KrisWilliams81 Do u live in the areas that were hit by the storms this past week? If u do & have photos/videos, send large files to (…) 2011 Tornado: Virginia (…)Chilhowie, Virginia hit by tornado; people feel "forgotten"  (via @tricities_com)

Time machine… @GHIPaul Heres a sneak peek at 1 of my TARDIS side panels. The authorities will deal with the ID thieves so I'll carry on #DrWho (…)My little girl is helping me measure out wood for my TARDIS base (…)@KrisWilliams81:@GHIPaul OH! Ur buildin a time machine?! Ok,ur no longer a booger if u can transport me back 2 late 1960's-Perferably a @TheDoors concert :) (…)@GHIPaul Can you guess what it is yet?? #doctorwho (…)Just picked up my #TARDIS signs and some more wood, still not managed to paint anything yet but it's sure coming along (…)OK time for some coffee then back to building my Time Machine @wheresthetardis I head out again with GHI this Sunday, wonder if I'll finish? (…) Wait! is 8.15am to early to be using power tools outside? (…)The first of four done @wheresthetardis (…)So still no paint but it's definitely taking shape @wheresthetardis I am hoping to get some painting done tonight (…)@MistaKJ :@GHIPaul @wheresthetardis pretty fancy Paul! Where's your first destination? I have a Zappa/Alice Cooper show to see sometime in the 70's.. (…)GHIPaul :I'm thinking the future, the past has already happened o wanna see what's gonna happen (…) But I will join u for the Alice Cooper concert thou (…) @MistaKJ Sounds good! Let me know when you get "back from the future." Ha! (…)@GHIPaul :@joe_ghi it's going good, I don't think I'll finish before Sunday but I'll be close

Tattoos… @KrisWilliams81 RT @rdb313: @KrisWilliams81 Do you have any tattoos or piercing? ME:Both (…)For those asking, my tattoo on my right foot...  (...) Thats the only one I have, I kinda want another 1, I know where I want it but i have no idea what I'd want.... pierced ears and stomach.

Fair… @barryghi Heading to Shanes Castle in Antrim on this glorious morning for a fair. (…) Ohh that reminds me...breakfast :) (…) If my father knew I was looking at this car he would have a fit :) (…) Look out Robin Hood I'm better prepared this time (…) WHAT!!!!! She has her own transport now :) (…) I can see why we don't use these anymore

Easter egg… @GHIPaul I forgot to post the picture of my Dalek Easter egg

Scott’s blog… @ScottGHI Saw a movie last night that quite possibly could be the worst film I've seen in a decade. Which one?  : )

Back at work… @KrisWilliams81 GHI back July 13th!! You ready?!?  (…) @GHI_Susan SO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT TRIP OUT WITH GHI!!!! I MISS MY ROAD FAMILY! (…) @GHI_Susan :@ScottGHI GANGSTA!!! BTW im bringing some movies with me this round... trade off (…)@joe_ghi Heading out on Sunday to meet up with my other family on the road to start filming again. ;) (…)@barryghi Getting myself mentally ready for 23 hours in a plane, lots of reading and sleeping planned (…)@ScottGHI : Getting MYSELF ready for 14 hours in a plane with @GHIPaul! Headphones will be heavily used. ; )

Far-sighted… @KrisWilliams81 Dinner table convo... learning how to drive a tank is necessary In case of a zombie apocalypse...

Revelation… @ KrisWilliams81 I blame @joshuagates for my fruit ninja addiction...

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