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Saturday, April 30, 2011

TAPS Investigated in Townsend, MA Earlier This Month

On April 11th, TAPS rolled into Townsend Habor, Massachusetts to investigate a series of buildings owned by the Townsend Historical Society. This includes the Reed Homestead, currently headquarters for the historical society as well as the Spaulding Cooperage, home to antiques and an old hearse. Visitors to these locations have reported "unexplained noises, strange feelings and flickering lights".
Not one to leave things to chance, Bradley contacted "Ghost Hunters," an NBC television series. Investigators from The Atlantic Paranormal Society jumped on the case.
The big black TAPS trucks showed up in the peaceful Townsend Harbor April 11. A quick-working crew set up lights and cameras, toured the historic district and spent two nights in the buildings.
They rolled out as swiftly as they arrived, leaving everyone involved sworn to secrecy regarding their conclusions.
Jeannie Bartovics, site administrator, said all would be revealed when the show is aired in approximately three months.

Correction: The location is Townsend, MA not Townshead, MA as originally posted.


  1. I was so bummed to find out TAPS was only mile from my house and
    I did not know it. I can't wait to see the show.

  2. I live in Townsend also, and I kept driving past the Reed Homestead when they were investigating, I was completely shocked they came to Townsend cause I've been watching this show for years and love it!

  3. I also live a mile away from where they were filming,im just wondering when they will show it on tv!

  4. i live in townsend too wondering when it will air if it hadent already?

  5. I too live in Townsend what I heard is in August. I hope so because that's pretty cool they were in our hometown!!!

  6. my dad talked to them and i got to meet them as well i do also live in townsend!

  7. I saw them on my way home from work....everyone thought I was crazy when I tried to tell them! HA
    Until a few weeks later it was in the local newspaper ...can't wait to see the episode too!