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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tweets of the Week #13

From the TAPS team

On the road again… @amybruni Back at the airport. Time to meet up with the team in New England! (…)@AdamJBerry going to the PIG to get some food. new case tomorrow. looking forward to the slightly warmer investigating weather.. (…)@AdamJBerry Packed up and ready to head out to another case! should be an eventful week. Loving the Spring weather on the cape.. should be a great drive (…)@AdamJBerry in search of my morning cup of coffee.. and a little snack..excited for an all new ep tomorrow night! We were freezing.. cold cold cold

Time off… @AdamJBerry going to hang out with D and Mel! It will be nice to have a little friend fun. (…)@amybruni Dinner at Heyday Cafe in Placerville. One of my most favoritest of places! (…)@AdamJBerry Can't wait to settle into my pj's and peep some tv and sleep Will try not to watch Tracy Morgan's stand-up special again #upallnightlaughing

Hunting… @AdamJBerry Going hunting for UFO's in Truro! Hope to find some picture evidence... Where is #budhopkins when you need him?

(Good) Surprise… @amybruni Sometimes digging in my closet is like shopping all over again. "Surprise, I'm a cute dress you forgot about!"

Black belts…@Jchawes At my childrens karate tournement today. Fighting and weapons, awe,, makes a dad proud.. (…)My sons came in 1st & 3rd today in tournement fighting 2day.My daughter came in 5th.I am one proud dad. Now to find room for these trophy's.

Record… @davetango haha I love this guy! "A man broke the record for shallow diving: 36ft into a pool with only 12in of water." Video! --> 

Rumors… @amybruni Don't tell California, but sometimes I cheat on it with Rhode Island... (…) @AdamJBerry I told already... Cali said it's ok cause it's bangin' Nevada..

Missing… @Jchawes Maddies toys are missing something

LOL… @amybruni If that damn zoo cobra gets @verified before me, I'm going to lose all faith in humanity. ;) (…)@AdamJBerry Adam Berry brought to you by chicken and waffles #GhostHunters
(…)@grantswilson Jay and I investigating with the thermal... IN HD!!!

Double dare… @grantswilson I DARE you...  (…)@GHIPaul I triple dog dare you... yeah you heard me right!

In all weathers… @amybruni Foot of snow potential where we're investigating tonight! Luckily, a little snow never stops TAPS! :) (…)RT @OnlyMe8: Y'all are like the mailmen...come rain, sleet, snow or shine...or tsunami. @amybruni Ha! True! (…)@MistaKJ Foot of snow projected tonight during our investigation! Should be another adventure as always! Word to the bird...batten down the hatches!

Creepy… @amybruni I feel like someone is watching me.

April fools! @amybruni After all the suggestions to go blonde because of the way I look in IR - I took the plunge! Pics later! (…) Aw, it was an April Fool's joke folks! Some of you were so excited :)

Love! @AdamJBerry Loving the love from all the twitter lovelies (sp?)!! How was everyone's night? Anything good on Tv? Snacks? Cocktails? Homework? (…) @MistaKJ KJ McCormick
Another late night! Another great night! I thank the Universe for all the incredible people and opportunities that have come into my life!

From the GHI team

In Ireland… @joe_ghi Hey everyone!...It's been some time since I last tweeted. I hope that everyone is well? I am in the land of green grass!(Ireland). I Love it (…) @joe_ghi: @GHI_Susan @KrisWilliams81, Watch out they're up and rested! Look out Ireland here they come! (…) @barryghi @KrisWilliams81 and I just got back from visiting Crom Castle, one of the first Fitzgerald castles in Ireland. Had a great day, glad I went. (…) @KrisWilliams81 Had a fun morning/afternoon driving around w/ @barryghi I have decided though-the Irish diet is meat & potatoes w/a side of meat & potatoes (…) someone get me a treadmill... (…)@barryghi Gearing up for a great investigation (…) @ScottGHI Preparing for a loooooooooooong day tomorrow. Should be a cool investigation, though. I'm psyched!!! (…)@GHIPaul So its investigation day today and would you Adam and Eve it..... its just started to rain, bloody typical! (…)@KrisWilliams81 Investigation night... in comes the rain. *puts away blow dryer* (…) RT @Loyal_Cgirl @KrisWilliams81 when will you come back to the states? ME: April 17th... cant wait!! HOME! :) (…) @KrisWilliams81 For those asking where we are investigating in England... not telling! ;) Guess you'll just have to watch the show! wwahahahaha! ;) (…)@GHI_Susan Working in Cold, rainy weather has my bones feeling like rusty hinges.. (…)@joe_ghi After working 20hrs, sleeping for 12hrs and having an awesome breakfast...feeling like normal again = Fantastic! (…) @KrisWilliams81:@joe_ghi OH MY GOD!!! You're ALIVE!!!! :) good to see!

S.L.E.E.P. … @KrisWilliams81 I should be sleeping.... Damn you twitter!!!! (…)lordhumungas you're an Inzombiack (…) @GHI_Susan so stayed back as well i see... what is with waking up at 9 am to hit the town... CRAZY.... im with you sis (…)@KrisWilliams81 I agree! Non-stop for weeks, screw getting up at 9am!!! I want a day of rest! :) Theres always tomorrow for exploring.. (…)@GHI_Susan The foggy cold weather is making me tired. Can't seem to get out of bed for the life of me! (…)@ScottGHI Can't. Get. Moving. Today. Oh, well - it's 9pm now...probably a movie, Skype, then sleep. Weird day! (…) @KrisWilliams81 Ok, i officially got no sleep... Off to the Revel... I hope I don't fall asleep on the client... lol

Signs…@ScottGHI It's always a good sign when you unwrap the soaps in a hotel room and they smell like Fruity Pebbles! : )

Coffee ! @GHIPaul WAIT! I knew something was off... Wheres my coffee? Nobody move til Ive had my coffee. Side Note: listening to Pinball Wizard right now...

Scott’s blog… @ScottGHI I just launched a new movie review blog & my first review has been posted. I'm really excited about it!  (…) Pls let me know what you think. I always wanted to review movies & have a huge passion for it. Used to be a writer years ago. Thanks! : )

Stories… @GHI_Susan okay!!! CALLING ALL FOLLOWERS!!! I want to know what is the craziest paranormal experience youve had and i'll share some of mine :) (…)Creepy (1) Woke up in my room after hearing a man clear his throat to see only the waist and legs of someone walk right through the wall! (…)(2) a small girl calls me and nudges my leg while i was sleeping. Saw her on my bed laying next to me. She had hallowed black eyes (…)(3) After my grandma died I kept all her jewelry. A week after her funeral I woke up to pee and saw her ghost going thru my jewelry box. (…)(4) When i was small a shadow man would peer into my window at night. After a year of this, he started showing up in my bedroom. (…)FUN FACT: I slept with my mom in her bed until I was 13... She sarted seeing them too.. now you know why I do what I do... (…)My friends stopped comming over for sleepovers after few accounts of their own. My BFFand mom saw several orbs, a roomate saw the shadow man

Teasing… @ScottGHI My computer speaker died & needs recharging. Guess the hotel guests will have to wait a few more hours for their dose of the Dark Carnival! (…)@barryghi @ScottGHI That explains the birds flying into my hotel window, the looming dark clouds on a back drop of lemmings jumping off the cliff (…)@ScottGHI @barryghi you feel it, too. No worries, Barry. I'll get some more ICP to your aid soon!!! ; )

Captured… @GHIPaul One of my best captures to date - Serbia: Army of the dead

Videos from Kris… @KrisWilliams81  @TheDoors (…)  (…)  (…) "Fame if you win it, Comes and goes in a minute. Where's the real stuff in life to cling to?"  @TheDoors :) (…)  Is there anybody out there...? (…)  We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year. (…)  (…)    Mother do you think they'll like this song... (…)  Dont you love her as shes walking out the door @TheDoors (…)   She has robes and she has monkeys, lazy diamond studded flunkies... @TheDoors (…)   Strange days have found us, Strange days have tracked us down... @TheDoors (…)1 more! The days are bright and filled with pain, enclose me in your gentle rain... @TheDoors

…and Susan… @GHI_Susan love this music video.... so entertaining... teddy bear videos … (…) teddy bear video #2... awesome band… (…) need to go to sleep... overdosing on music videos at the moment... ill share a few more before i go to bed (…) one awesomely clever video … (…)One of the coolest bands in town … (…)the best girl group around… (…)the badass side of the bombest girl group ever…

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