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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ghost Hunters Wins at Reality Rocks Expo

Last night, during the Reality Rocks Expo in Los Angeles, Ghost Hunters won Best Supernatural/Science show! Amy Bruni, Adam Berry, Barry FitzGerald, & Kris Williams were all in attendance. The quartet hosted a panel on Saturday to answer fan questions and talk about their respective shows. Here are some photos that they posted on Twitter.

Other photos posted by fellow fansite @FactorFaked on Twitter include the group accepting their award, a presentation slide for the Best Supernatural/Science award,  the seats for the cast, and Barry, Kris, Adam, & Amy at a panel event. interviewed Adam & Amy during the expo, you can see a video of that interview below.

A video of the cast receiving the award.

Tweets from the event
@KrisWilliams81 *does happy home dance* home home HOME!!!! I LOVE YOU USA!!!!! :D (…)HELLO LOS ANGELES!!!!! :D (…)@AdamJBerry Just landed... Weeee.. Just can't wait to relax in the hotel before the Reality Rocks Expo tomorrow! (…)@KrisWilliams81 WOOOHOOOO!!!! :) Raising hell with Bruni like the good ol' days!!! :) GIRL POWER! (…)@amybruni Ruh roh! Trouble together again! @KrisWilliams81 and me!  (...) @KrisWilliams81 Kris Williams
Reality Rocks Expo in LA!! Getting ready for our Ghost Hunters panel! (…) @amybruni and I carpeting it up! (…)@amybruni Yes, this just happened.  (...)@AdamJBerry At the Reality Rocks Awards!! Hope #GhostHunters wins!  (...)@amybruni We just won best Supernatural Science show at @realityrocks! (…) @AdamJBerry #GhostHunters won best Supernatural/Science show!!  (...)@KrisWilliams81 However, two did NOT disappoint... super nice. I love the Millionaire Matchmakers :) (…)@BenGriessmeyer Congrats again to the best Paranormal TV show, Ghost Hunters! Winners at the Reality Rocks Awards!  (...)@FactOrFaked @KrisWilliams81 @barryghi @amybruni @AdamJBerry Vid. of you accepting The #RealityRocks Award for #GhostHunters (...) A lil interview we did at Reality Rocks last weekend:

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