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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tweets of the Week #14

From the TAPS team

Busted! @amybruni Train food isn't very tasty. And this might be the first time I've had white zin since I stole it from my moms liquor cabinet. (Sorry Mom!)

Fan… @grantswilson Holy crap!! Just watched Alan Silvestri HIMSELF conduct his Back to the Future Suite! AMAZING!! (…)@amybruni Dude - my nerdy side is intensely jealous. (…)@grantswilson Video Game Orchestra or VGO is a VERY talented orchestra that plays the amazing symphonic music from today's video games. (…) (…)@amybruni Aw, my friend Jenny is in such an amazing band called the Midnight Creeps and I get to see them tonight in Providence! (…)My Jenny Hurricane and me. She's in the Midnight Creeps, amazing if you love you some punk music. ;)

Wild… @davetango I LOVE animals, but these r the people who get mauled. “@OMGFacts: A teenager from Tampa sleeps with a pet tiger! Pic-” (…)@barryghi I think I would keep a tin of easy open tuna around with that one... Just incase :)

Home… @AdamJBerry In the morning Cheeto likes to find a sunny spot! The window seat is a favorite.. (...)@AdamJBerry this afternoon is slowly drifting by... watching "The Fighter" tonight. Trying to decide what time to have a cocktail... love my days off! (…)@AdamJBerry Having a little lunch and brunch with a bunch on a time crunch... @BenGriessmeyer is here too!! Of course! (…)@amybruni My mind had so many plans for this day...but the rain and this nest of a bed have made it hard to leave. (…) @Jchawes I am doing what i hate the most "watching a movie with talking animals" but what i love the most "spending time with the kids". Feel like i am battling inside.. and Yogi Bear SUCKS!!

Shopping… @amybruni Just bought the coolest pint glasses ever at Park Ave Comics in Rochester. Haha (...)@amybruni Tomorrow is a big day! Shopping and a spa day, that'll put a smile on any girls face. (…)@AdamJBerry At the mall... Wandering around... Window shopping is painful when your mind says YES but your bank says NO!!

Sushi or not sushi… @MistaKJ Eating at McCormick and Schmicks in Providence! Having a sirloin, but wanted sushi. Sometimes sacrifices are worth it. Ha.

Tips… @amybruni Hunting the same in the US! Trying to have a nice weekend with @GrillatStrath and I've been sleeping half the time. :) (…) @KrisWilliams81 ooooo!! a weekend with your man?! I need to get me one of those :) Where do i find one? (…) @amybruni The trick, it turns out, is to have a hotel screw up your room service, then fall 4 the guy who is trying to fix it 4 you ;) (…) @KrisWilliams81 ooooo!! find myself a problem fixer... hmmm... *looks around hotel* :) lol Boys smell.

Gift… @amybruni Just received the most AMAZING gift from my friend Jenny. A 250 year old tooth carved to look like a skull!

Out… @amybruni Watching Ghost Hunters at my faaaavorite bar - the Scurvy Dog in Providence :)
@MistaKJ I stopped in to the Scurvy bar in Prov and saw this! If I had a time machine it's the first show I'd go see! Who's in?  (…)@amybruni Minor league baseball, wine in plastic cups and @QueenofAllGeeks - my night is rad.

Creepy… @amybruni Last night, I dreamt @denisleary was my boyfriend. My parents did not approve. (…)@amybruni There is a guy next to me who sounds just like the old guy from Pet Sematary! I want him to say, "sometimes, dead is bettah."

From the GHI team

On the road… @KrisWilliams81 3 hours in the car of watching @barryghi drive while he shimmie & shaked to European Techno on too much sugar and no sleep... #notpretty (…)@barryghi Driving through England today, if you see us make sure and toot :) (…)@barryghi Sleepy Suzy (…)@barryghi Mr Chin is very happy with himself knocking out the girls with gas... Don't ask where he got it (…)@ScottGHI After a 3 1/2 hour ferry ride & a 6 hour car ride, finally arrived in England in one piece. Day off tomorrow to rest up for our next case...
(…)@ScottGHI Up waaaaaay to early. Need to finish up the evidence review & analysis for this case. Ready to move ahead to our next location.. (…) @KrisWilliams81Sooooo... sleeeepy... Think i got 3 hours of sleep and I have a full day ahead! YUCK!!! :) (…)@ScottGHI Time for sleep. Yet ANOTHER looooong trip on Friday. Looks like we could be traveling for around 8 hours (including ferry & car rides). Ugh!

Hackers…@barryghi The weather in whales is beautiful today. P.S. I'm a dork & @KrisWilliams81 is awesome. ;) (…) @barryghi See what happens when Williams gets your twitter :) (…)@barryghi My twitter is safe, Joe put her a choke hold :) (…)@barryghi Currently dropping a deuce.... (…)@GHIPaul Yes it was me who hijacked @barryghi phone just now..... Sorry Fitz (…)Call it revenge for all the times he has drawn on my face while Im asleep in the car..... (…)@ScottGHI Joe had his FB page hacked, Barry had his Twitter hacked, Paul gets drawn on. Me? I sat down to a nice glass of malt vinegar soda tonight!

Blondie… @KrisWilliams81 So, one thing i didnt mention... I died my hair.. (…) blonde... (…)Sexy right?! Totally my color. lol

Playlist… @KrisWilliams81 New fav recent song-heard it on the drive today  by Adele :) (…)@ScottGHI Oh, we're talking music now?! Cool. Check out one of my favorite newer bands...  : ) (…)@GHI_Susan One Day As A Lion - "Wild International"…

Adventures… @KrisWilliams81 Feeling like a bit of a mouse in a maze...I take like...5 hallways to get to my room! (…)@KrisWilliams81:@amybruni hmmmm.... it might come just shy of being that bad! Room is WAY better then the closet i had in Canada though! :) (…)@amybruni LOL, oh road adventures.... :) (…)KrisWilliams81 I think the show should be called "Sleep Hunters International" because I feel like thats what im always hunting for LOL

Bad sleep… @GHIPaul So I went to bed at 8.30pm thought Id get a really good nights sleep, I woke up at 10.38 thinkin WOW thats AWESOME only to find it wasnt AM (…) @ScottGHI Okay, got a little GHI / "Nightmare On Elm Street" action going on here. Team members having the same dream? As long as there's no Freddy...

Foresight… @GHIPaul T-Minus 45mins til Investigation time, been making sure everything is charged and ready to rock, I can see this one being a little difficult (…)@GHIPaul feet are sore, eyes are so heavy, cant move my legs....... (…)@KrisWilliams81 Another night where I was up long enough to grab breakfast before bed... this is not normal... (…) @joe_ghi Ouch..Ouch..boy am I sore and tired. It was a long night, I just had breakfast and now off to a good night's sleep..or should I say morning (…)GHIPaul after another night of Ghost Hunting, I'm ready to sleep for a week, unfortunately got to be back to the grind in 12 hours.... oh well!! (…)

Laundry… @ScottGHI NEED to find time to do laundry today. My clothes are getting...ahem...ripe. ; ) (…)@KrisWilliams81 Is it sad and kinda pathetic I get excited when Barry knocks on my door to tell me we are leaving to do laundry in 30 mins?! (…) @GHIPaul well then that would make two of us then, as I too got excited..... YAY, clean clothes!!

Missing… @ barryghi Its turned out to be a beautiful day here on the east coast of England in defiance of the weather forcast (…) @GHIPaul bloody typical that it would be after the investigation.... (…) @barryghi Ha ha yeah I know. RIP the canvass cover :) He fought a good fight
(…) @GHIPaul that it did.... however I dont feel it will be missed!

Exclusive pic… @GHIPaul Barry actually rocks the lime green "Mankini" Borat style... its not pretty!!! (…)@GHIPaul @ninaclan You didnt get it from me ok!! -

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