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Friday, April 15, 2011

Tweets of the Week #15

From the TAPS team

Good start… @MistaKJ It's shaping up to be a gorgeous day today! Hope everyone is having a good morning. Coffee is a necessity today!

Useful… @davetango Oooooh! So THAT'S how you do it! (…) GHIPaul Oh Ok I must have missed the diagram, Ive been throwing stones at it hoping it would open

There and back… @amybruni At the airport with @AdamJBerry. Quite the whirlwind trip, time to head back to Rhode Island. Investigation tomorrow! (…)@AdamJBerry Goodbye la la land! @amybruni and I are headed back to the east coast. New case tomorrow night! Excited to get back to work. (…) @amybruni Peace out LA! Until next time...  (...)@AdamJBerry Landed... Whew. The bed is calling my name... (…)@amybruni Little bit o'filming today...then I'm thinking a mani/pedi - and dinner with friends! Off to Mount Washington tomorrow!

Ninja… @davetango Ninja training camp 2011

Pretty lady… @Jchawes  steve and his new girlfriend. She must be easy since she stands around like this all the time.

Guess who… @MistaKJ I'm impersonating someone right now...can you guess who? Correct answer gets RT'd. (…) RT@jenprice1211: @AdamJBerry from last weeks show? @MistaKJ Nice job Jen! But uncanny @joshuagates & @amybruni as well, you all win!

True… @grantswilson ...on the other hand, you have different fingers.

Music… @amybruni An @davetango discovery. @eddiemcclintock and @QueenofallGeeks, you will love. ♫  (…)@AdamJBerry This is a great remix and video! Love me some Adele (…)@MistaKJ I thought this was pretty amazing and had to share.  (…) @amybruni listening to "Jeremy Enigk - Been Here Before" ♫

Review… @keithc785 par amybruni GH episode Wed Here is the local story in the paper this week TX @amybruni

In the armory… @amybruni This is what happens when we're expected to work in a building filled with armor.  (...) Yes, the team & our van & our dog investigate a building filled w/suits of armor. I suppose there could be some parallels to another show. (…)RT @chicspace: @amybruni Velma or Daphne? @amybruni I feel like I'm both.

Beautiful! @amybruni I feel like I'm really getting in touch with my inner Lisa Loeb today.

About full spectrum cameras… @amybruni Full spectrum camera technology is changing the game. Biggest thing to happen to the paranormal field in years. (…) On the full spectrum cameras - not all are created equal. @BillPMurphy is a good source for information on this. (…)

Not happy… @davetango Taco Bell, how dare you run out beef and BEANS. That's like 90% of your menu.

From the GHI team

At work… @ScottGHI Finally arrived @ our hotel. Decent ferry ride - ordered some great food, watched a movie with Suzie & hung out with Paul. Settling in now. (…)@ScottGHI Okay...I guess I can say at least WHERE we are. We arrived in the Isle of Man and will be here for the week before heading back home. (…)@GHIPaul @ScottGHI & I just spent the last hour & a bit cleaning, checking & labeling all ur video cable makin sure its all ready 4 tomorrows invest. (…) @GHI_Susan Investigation tomorrow... (...) @ScottGHI Back at the hotel after hanging in the Isle of Man today. Cool place. Gonna settle in with a movie & relax before we investigate tonight. (…)@barryghi We are all tired and looking forward to a few weeks off starting Saturday :)

Crazy… @KrisWilliams81 So weird... Woke up in England, now sitting in my room watching the sunset on Los Angeles... crazy. (…)@KrisWilliams81 Who the heck is the crazy girl in the background?!?! :)

Phones… @barryghi Dont you just hate that really early phone call to your room, finally when you find the phone they hang up :(

Fan… @GHIPaul Oh Dear, I found a Sci-Fi store with the most fantastical things! How on Earth am I gonna get this stuff home?? (...)You know the TARDIS is a real phone box too... It has an old fashion phone inside it..... so cool

Oops… @barryghi Opps, i did it again, i thought the glass in my hotel room was reflective one way. Sorry world :) (…)@GHIPaul Wearing your lime green "Mankini" again???

Fishes… @GHI_Susan tomorrow im going out for a foot nibbling fish pedicure. You put your feet in a tank and fish suck on your toes to remove dead skin. gross? (…)Check this video out -- Fish Pedicure - UK … (…)@ScottGHI Joe, Susan, Paul & myself are getting fish pedicures on Sunday. We put our feet in a tank & the fish chew off the dead skin. Yummy.

Long trip…@barryghi Just about to board our non stop flight to Amsterdam from Los Angeles with @KrisWilliams81 (…) KrisWilliams81 Barry... getting ready for our 16 hour flight... think ill need 10 of those... (…)@KrisWilliams81 BARRY LIED!!! its only 9 hrs! Oh thank god :) (…)@KrisWilliams81 LOL Bear is passed out cold in the chair next to me... think its time to draw on his face... mustache? whiskers? (…) @KrisWilliams81 Damn.... hes awake... he has escaped the permanent marker... this time... ;)

Some videos… @ScottGHI My karaoke cover of THE PRODIGY!!! Recorded 4/13/11 on the Isle of Man. Enjoy...  ! (…)@KrisWilliams81 LOL

BEATLES TOUR with Barry, Kris and Dustin… @barryghi Kris and I have time to kill so we are Going on a Beatles tour, stand by for a photo journal Mr P @dustinpari (…) John Lennon got married to his first wife here No64 (…) John Lennon was born here in 9th October 1940 @dustinpari (...) Ringo lived here, ok I'm board @dustinpari (…) Needs no introduction @dustinpari (…) Dovedale Towers where the Beatles rehearsed @dustinpari (…) A lot of the Beatles songs where written here in at Paul McCatneys home @dustinpari (…) Formally at girls orphanage this is the entrance to Strawberry Fields @dustinpari (…) John Lennon lived here from 1945 to 1963, or so the sign said @dustinpari (…)@barryghi One last picture from Liverpool, though resembles more of a phallic symbol if you ask me

No panic… @barryghi Loosing power on a huge vessel such as this is never a good idea, where do they keep the oars :) DON'T PANIC MEN

Bliss… @ScottGHI Oh. My. God. They have mobile karaoke vans here! Filled with loud music, flashing lights & monitors with on-screen lyrics on the headrests!!

Kris Big Secret 2? @KrisWilliams81 :) SO, a lil news I'm super excited about will be coming out on Friday... :) Can't wait to share! (…) I do enjoy being a tease... ;) #krisbigsecretpart2

For them… @ScottGHI Please "Like" this FB page & show your support! Thanks! : )

Nicknames… @KrisWilliams81 @britttgriffith hey dork! :P (…) @britttgriffith @KrisWilliams81 yes dork'et? (…)@KrisWilliams81 @britttgriffith how you doing Biiiizzzz-nich?! :)

Home… @GHI_Susan LAST DAY OF WORK!!!! HOME IS SO CLOSE I CAN SMELL IT... smells like thai dragonfruit, inscence, and pan seared tilapia... mmmm

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