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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tweets of the Week #17

From the TAPS team

Easter (1)… @AdamJBerry Chilled to the bone here on the cape! Nothing to do but curl up with the dogs a blanket maybe a movie and nap.. nudge me when spring is over (…) About to dye Easter Eggs with @BenGriessmeyer and the dogs.. The babies just wanna eat them... We may take turns hiding them for each other. (…) @BenGriessmeyer Dying eggs with my Easter bunnies @AdamJBerry and Cheeto!  (...)@amybruni At the @Rivercats game with my niece and nephew. They're loving it - so cute!  (...) @SteveGonsalves1 Leftover Indian food from Pintu' I eat it now and feel like a slug or wait until tomorrow???? (…)@AdamJBerry Ham, butter beans, collard greens, green beans, and assorted berry pie...soon... but first we must take the dogs to the beach! (…) @amybruni Ah, Easter Sunday. For once, I don't have to cook the ham! There's an egg out there with my name on it - and imma find it! (…)@AdamJBerry hiatus over and I am off to leave on a jet plane... at least the next time I come back to ptown everything will be open.. including Bubalas! (…)@amybruni Time to make my way back to the east coast. Sleeeeepy!!!!

At work… @AdamJBerry Investigating tonight and there are supposed to be storms! going to make it more exciting! Maybe it will stir up some activity as well

Q&A with @amybruni In flight Q and A! Bring the questions! :) (…) Sometimes I do. Depends on the schedule. :) RT @jimshreds @amybruni would you do a tweetup when investigating a city? (…) Probably a toss up between a bowling ally and a zoo. RT @adam_john19 @amybruni what is strangest place you have investigated???? (…) Yes, not just the show, but lecturing, writing, etc. RT @Bearsmovies @amybruni is ghost hunting your full time job? (…) Redhead through and through! Just can't see myself blonde. RT @Dadeums @amybruni Why not go blonde like when you're in night vision? (…) Yes. RT @BEBPerry @amybruni Will there be more personal residence cases in the future? (…) Feel like my SyFy bio can answer a lot of these:  :) (...) Ten months a year. I'm away from home the most since I'm West coast. RT @vlee317 On average, how long are you on the road ghost hunting? (…) Hope so, love them! Work w/them off screen RT @OnLondonTime Do you think GH will ever work with the folks from 'Fact or Faked' someday? (…) 100% RT @Bopeep99 @Amybruni Ok, we know ur a thorough redhead, but do u have the legendary temper of one? (…) Nope, sure didn't. @darkersidemag @amybruni I remember your 1st appearance on GH the title said you were a producer for syfy? (…) Absolutely! Like sisters! RT @kjw444 @amybruni Are you and Kris Williams still friends? (…) Yes, but not about ghosts. About the living! RT @Dadeums @amybruni With everything you've seen, do you ever have nightmares? (…) One more question...what will it be?!? (…) That's because we shove everything out of the shot when cams are rolling! RT @katyoneillday your cars are tidy and neat!!! (…) *barf* They're like my brothers. RT @Messyjess11 @amybruni have you ever crushed on any of the guys from GH? (…)That might be the most epic question ever. RT @ajc_cook Alistair @amybruni Would you ever consider painting your TAPS vans like the A-Team?

Music… @amybruni listening to "David Bowie - Cat People (Original version)" ♫  (…)listening to "The Clash - Straight To Hell" ♫  (…) Rock. ♫  (…)listening to "My Morning Jacket - Rocket Man" ♫  (…) listening to "Violent Femmes - Color Me Once" ♫  (…)I prefer the version without the cheesy MC Lyte rap, but what can you do? ♫  (…)listening to "Jeff Buckley - 07 Lover, You Should Have Come Over.mp3" ♫

Resolution… @AdamJBerry Must do something about my non-existent exercise routine... (…)@amybruni : me too. Back to the gym this week! How about we punch each other if we don't go? (…)@amybruni Cracked my knee good at the ballpark yesterday. Still hurts...tried some yoga, tried the elliptical...sauna it is!

Wrong… @Jchawes Why is it that most employees working for US air in philly make u feel like u did something wrong by being on their airline?

In Pittsburgh… @amybruni Alright Pittsburgh! I'm doing this! #primantibrothers  (...)@ScareHouseScott Oh hai @amybruni and @AdamJBerry - hope yinz enjoy your Primmanti's! (…) @amybruni Hello PNC Park! You're beautiful, but go @SFGiants!  (...) @AdamJBerry The view is brilliant at the game!  (...)@SteveGonsalves1 In Pittsburgh!! I love this city. (…)@amybruni Ghost Hunters cast and crew very much enjoying Pittsburgh time! (but go @SFGiants ;)  (...) @AdamJBerry The gang is all here!
(…) @AdamJBerry The gang is all here. @amybruni @Paul_Maty @curali104

From the GHI team

Celebration… @GHI_Susan My birthday is also known as Beltane and Mayday... I'm a rabbit and this is my year! So my birthday is gonna be awesome! (…)Getting things done... being productive... such a great feeling :) (…) so it turns out that i might have an extra 6 days off :) HOT DAMN! I get to celebrate my B.Day afterall!!!

Hunting … @KrisWilliams81:RT @alschmidt13: do u ever sleep or r u superman? ME: these days im more of a sleep hunter-its more elusive then a ghost lol

Fan… GHIPaul Do they make this in Adult size?  either way I think I'm gonna have to save up for one! (…)@GHIPaul Got to put up a door in the kitchen then I think I might start building my TARDIS #DoctorWho (you don't hear that everyday do you?) (…)Going to find a sign maker now for my "Police Box" signs, construction of my TARDIS is well under way #DrWho

Easter (2)… @KrisWilliams81 Well, made use of being up early... killing my breakfast craving... Mcdonalds sausage egg & cheese muffin and @DunkinDonuts Hot Chocolate... (…) @GHIPaul Back online, Happy Easter ladies and gentlemen. Boiling eggs, brewing coffee and about to have some mini wheats...

Suitcases… @KrisWilliams81 Maybe theres suitcase elves?Evil lil bitches that swap ur shit w/some1 else's,right now @barryghi is findin makeup brushes, a boot & perfume (…) @ScottGHI @KrisWilliams81 Hey! What's this hairdryer in my bag for??? : ) (…) @KrisWilliams81: ops! Think I found ur kareoke mic... *throws in trash* ;) (…)@GHIPaul : @KrisWilliams81 Smash it smash it to little pieces.... Please for the love of mankind do it now.... Sorry @ScottGHI

Warning… @KrisWilliams81 I should come with a warning label: WARNING: New England Sarcasm Zone: If you cant take my shit, don't get me started. ;)

Roadtrip… @KrisWilliams81 Driving to AZ with my Dad in his 1979 Z28 blasting some Bowie! :) Heeeeeey Mannn! (…)Day 2 of driving!!! (…)Hello Tennessee! :) (…)What's the last thing to go through a bugs mind when it its the windshield? (…) @GHIPaul
- His Arse......LOL (…)@KrisWilliams81 ANSWER: its butt! Lol some of you got it! Here's to my twitter friends who's jokes are as bad as mine... (…) My Dads car and our bad ass ride to AZ!! :) (…)Hello Georgia! (…)Just when you thought pasta was fattening enough... we find it fried... (…) Waking up in Slidell, LA... watching the clouds roll in... kinda creepy...(…) Baton Rouge, LA (…)Hello, Texas!!! (…)  - hauling ass through Houston!! (…)Good morning Fort Stockton, TX!! What a sleepy lil town :) nice place to crash for the night! (…) Dad and & are going to El Paso through Texas today :) har har (…)The 1979 454 camero is good for many things... like speedin tickets... lol (…) Dad was driving lol chances are though... had I been driving... we still would have gotten pulled over (…) The officier giving out the ticket may have been cute. Ok he was. Lol damn Texas accents. And cowboy hats... not that he was wearing one... (…)@mrsdoubleya: @KrisWilliams81 So on scale of 1-10 How cute was that cop?? lol ; ) ME: id say an 8 or 9... but that accent put him at an 11 ;) (…) Hello El Paso!!! :) (…)Hello New Mexico!!! (…)Hello, Arizona!!! There's something reaaally beautiful abt land that's untouched. Love it. Nothin like a drive through the desert. (…)Arizona (…)Yikes... (…)We made it! Sitting out back having drinks w/my lil bro :) not a bad veiw!

Syrup… @GHIPaul :@KrisWilliams81 Near to where I live a guy was found dead in an Ice Cream van covered in syrup & crushed nuts police say he topped himself

Needles… @GHI_Susan Vaccines... Post office... Best buy... Chores (…)@GHIPaul Oh Crap I forgot about the vaccines...(…) @ScottGHI More needles? I'm gonna drink a big pitcher of water and see if it shoots out of all the holes on my body! Just like a Tom & Jerry cartoon. (…)@GHIPaul When you getting yours done? I'm booked in for Friday. I'm absolutely bricking it, I hate needles almost as much as I hate clowns

Comeback… @KrisWilliams81 RT @zombieboy30: @KrisWilliams81 you gonna be back in the show soon? ME: u know it!! GHI is back july 13th! 1st female lead investigator! :)

Confession… @KrisWilliams81 RT @2009UC: @KrisWilliams81 i think you may be losing it. LOL ME: I actually lost it years ago ;)

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