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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tweets of the Week #21

From the TAPS team

Fresh air… @davetango

End of the world (1)… @amybruni If this is the end of the world, I'm gonna spend it smelling flowers. Heading to the @ROCLilacFest. (…)@Jchawes Father/daughter dance tonight,And I am going with the prettiest girl in the world. If its the end of the world, then I am going out having a great time. (…)@davetango Well, it's 6pm. (…) @AdamJBerry it's 6:05... does this mean I still have to pay my taxes... (…)

Lovely! @Jchawes My lovely daughter heading to her prom. WOW, she is beautiful.

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Activation… @davetango How I get ready in the morning.

Maddie… @Jchawes Maddie is such a great dog, she even just brought me a live mouse as a present. The only problem is "I WAS IN THE...  (...) Maddie's awesome, I rescued here last year in Tennessee, She was living on wildlife and was caught by animal...  (...)@Jchawes Just in case anyone ever would think Maddie was not treated  

Campout… @grantswilson Ahh, just finished the first campout of the year! It was awesome. Didn't want it to end. (…) Back to the grind, lol. Camping was so nice, but too short. (…)Really in the mood to head into the woods with nothing but a knife to survive for the weekend. :D (…) I'll make my own. RT @mouselme @grantswilson Don't forget the fishing rod. Gotta have something to eat besides roots and berries. Lol. (…) With clothes, obviously, dorqs! I love wilderness survival.

Q&A… @amybruni RT @lilhoff12: @amybruni: would the TAPS team ever come back and investigate WAVERLY HILLS: Yes! We will be this season! :) (…)RT @justinbaber1997: @amybruni when r u comign to b~more!? : Shooting there now! (…)RT @DTbiggestfan: @amybruni R U from rochester or were u just visting there? : Just visiting for the weekend :) (…) RT @jamiewoowoo: @amybruni where is the one place u want to investigate most and haven't yet? : Graceland (…)RT @colinfarm: @amybruni Do u know a simple and efficent way of going through audio : Ha! Nope! :) (…) RT @mlc0769: When are you coming back to Louisiana? Soon I hope.: Visiting my friend @marquisdd there soon I hope! :) (…)RT @67BGD: @amybruni coming back to Rochester NY any time soon? Glad you like our hometown.: Sunday actually (…)RT @noexcuses222: @amybruni where is your favorite vacation spot? :Hawaii absolutely. Prefer the Big Island :) (…)RT @NicKle94565: Hay when are you coming to california?: Wednesday :) (…)RT @whoisbradpari: @amybruni Favorite places to visit when in the exotic state of Rhode Island? : Scurvy Dog hands down! (…) RT @LasVegasRick: @amybruni when will the Hawaii ep air?? : June 1st!(…)RT @jstep45: @amybruni What kind of car are you stuck in? : Some crazy vehicle driven by @davetango (…)RT @BEBPerry: @amybruni Where did you just finish investigating? : Just finished up a couple cases near Baltimore. (…) RT @TheeBlueMeanie: @amybruni WORD! You have to come to my favorite bar though. Laid back, no assholes and good tunes: Rad! :)

Gifted… @davetango This is how Steve plays L.A. Noir.

Words… @grantswilson Whoa! Just played a 126 point word in Words with Friends! Kaboom!!! (…)The word was "joes" but it also formed "skid" the "s" was on a triple word and the "j" was on a triple letter

Behind the scenes… @amybruni Investimagation night! Think there might be thunderstorms in the forecast....spooooooky! ;) (…) @amybruni I made a friend here tonight.  (...)@amybruni Investigating outside and the fireflies are out...beautiful. (…)@grantswilson These mannequins look familiar...  (...) @amybruni familiar and awfully nerdy! ;) (…)@amybruni Getting pretty darn excited for our Hawaii episode airing on June 1st! It's a special episode - and trust me, you don't want to miss it! (…)@amybruni Ok...Must get moving. Evidence to review! (…)@amybruni  (...)@amybruni My life=being on the road with 15 amazing brothers who constantly fart, quote movies and tell you every guy you date isn't good enough.

Music… @amybruni Star Wars and Rock N' Roll. Two of my favorite things... ♫   (…)@davetango listening to "EMALKAY - FABRICATION *NEW*" ♫

Magic… @davetango What does it meaaaaaaaannnnnn!

Party… @AdamJBerry It's @LookDownHere's bday party! @BenGriessmeyer and I are throwing her a princess party! Loving the meat cake!!

Britt’s adventures… @Jchawes We just had Britt attacked by a K9 unit in Maryland. lmao wait till you see this episode. (…)@britttgriffith Hung out with a K9 officer and went on a ride-a-long when him. Great guys at this Sheriff Dept....  (...)@britttgriffith  On ride-a-long with K9 unit. I have spent the last two hrs with lights and siren on going call to call. Crazy!

Break… @amybruni Pedicure with @beckalah428!

From the GHI team

To Samoa… @KrisWilliams81 Flight, check! Hotel, check! Tour tickets, check! Show tickets, check! Holy shit... this is going to be insane... (…)@GHIPaul WEIRD! New Zealand puts Ketchup in their Sausage and Egg McMuffins..... Its not bad just wasnt expecting it! (…)@ScottGHI Greetings from New Zealand! If anyone's wondering...all's good! : )  (…)@GHIPaul TRAVEL DAY! More packing to do & then a nice 5 hour drive to the Airport hotel for a flight out tomorrow morning at 7am to our next location (…)@barryghi My last morning beach walk in New Zealand :( (…)@ScottGHI Arrived at our 1st stopover to our destination. Early travel day tomorrow. Laundry, shower & sleep... (…) @ScottGHI Time to get some sleep before boarding a VERY small plane to our destination. This has been a rough trip, but it's always worth it...
(…) @KrisWilliams81 My night in Samoa started a little rough, but ended on a good note. Up early tomorrow for a flight to American Samoa for a week! (..)@ScottGHI One more flight to go. iPod is charge up for what should be a pretty short trip. Then, a day off to unwind & settle in to the hotel... :)
(…) @ScottGHISat next to Paul on the short flight to our destination. He only managed to drop ONE "Doctor Who" reference in 45 minutes! A new record... (…)@GHIPaul Arrived safe and sound at our next hotel, fantastic scenery from above as we flew over Samoa and into [new location] off to bed now, night! (…)@GHI_Susan Looking up traditional polynesian tattoos... Im getting one while im here... Its gonna hurt... but so worth it. (…) @barryghi Snorkeling today although I'm told the waters are teaming with sharks, so I may not go as far out as I wanted too, but I hope to get video. (…) @GHIPaul Good morning Sun.... now go away! I want to sleep some more! (…) @ScottGHI Spending the day off in American Samoa with our GHI team & crew. Planning on the beach and snorkeling. Cool time with great guys/gals. : ) (…)@ScottGHI Out shopping in American Samoa today. Bought a wood sculpture that looks exactly like the African Zuni doll from "Trilogy of Terror"! : (…)@ScottGHI Gonna hop in the pool with the team, then shower & hit the sack. Investigation is tomorrow...

End of the world (2)… @GHIPaul Because I got woken up so early, and the Rapture is supposed to happen today, Im going to get me a McDonalds breakfast. I think I deserve it (…) @barryghi The end of the world is in less than one hour down here in New Zealand, excuse me whilst I pop out and max out my credit card :) (…) @GHIPaul Aaaaaaaaaaagggghhhh! its 6.04pm............ wait that means its not the end of the world right....... Stupid predictions! (…) @GHIPaul So was this the bit where the 'geek' will inherit the Earth?

Mystery… @KrisWilliams81 Excited. Nervous. Excited. Nervous. :) Lil over 5 weeks till my fan girl mission!!

Playlist… @KrisWilliams81 I wanna tell you about Texas radio and the big beat...  @TheDoors (…)  This is the strangest life I've ever known... @TheDoors (…)Having a @TheDoors kinda morning... again. :) Ok, everyday is one...  (…)@KrisWilliams81 I think I'm going to be sad, I think its tooooodaaayyy... yea...  @thebeatles (…)  @thebeatles Babys good to me, you know, she happy as can be, you know, she said so... (…)  Eleanor Rigby died in the church and was buried along with her name, Nobody came... @thebeatles (…)   Took my chances on a big jet plane, never let them tell you that theyre allll the saaaammmeee... (…)  Waking up with a lil LED... my second fav group after The Doors... (…)@KrisWilliams81 Here's a playlist for you with some of my favorites... Just some :)  (...)@ScottGHI So, getting ready to head out to the beach in a little while. Blasting music, too. ICP? Techno? Public Enemy? Nope. Try...DEVO!!! : )

Mean… @ScottGHI Just got back from shopping. Barry read the box of my Cap'n Crunch cereal and gave me a speech. Now I feel guilty. Damn you, Barry!!! ; )

Scott’s blog… @ScottGHI Hey Guys! Check out my latest horror movie review of the film "Insidious"...  

Corruption… @barryghi Who do I need to pay to be in an extra in the next Star Trek movie :)

100% Kris :)… @KrisWilliams81 Someday I will get to be a big girl again! :) (…)@KrisWilliams81 Carmen Sandiego doesn't have shit on me... ;)  @KrisWilliams81 RT @tcbennett1976 @KrisWilliams81 clothing is overrated! ME: True! *burns it* :) (…)@KrisWilliams81 **WARNING** Unedited New England Girl Sarcasm... From the LIVE FREE OR DIE state... Rather you hate who I am then love what I'm not.

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