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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tweets of the Week #19

From the TAPS team

Stanley Hotel Event… @amybruni My morning coffee. This place is heaven.  (...)@BenHansen00 So the front desk said they were instructed to put me on the most haunted floor. (…) @joe_ghi nice...we have to do this from time to time! Kinda sucks. :) (…)@AdamJBerry Just starting the signing at the Stanley hotel! (…)@AdamJBerry Relaxing at the Stanley Hotel! Beautiful day for a ghost hunt!  (...)@AdamJBerry Blogging away at The Stanley @factorfaked  (...)@amybruni Mountain breeze and majestic views....can I just stay here forever and ever and ever and...wait, I'm creeping myself out. (…)@amybruni Fun! RT @JennCook724: @amybruni  (...)@britttgriffith Moi! I'm live on TwitCasting from The Stanley  (...)@amybruni At the Denver airport. Nerding out with @AdamJBerry and @BenHansen00  (...)@AdamJBerry RT@amybruni @adamjberry  nice meeting you guys! Get some rest!

Wisdom… @britttgriffith Lmao, late night words of wisdom from @benhansen00; never take a sleeping pill and a laxative the same night.

Risky… @britttgriffith I have had no sleep, I have to do a Q&A, I am extra filterless. God help this crowed .

Nap time… @Jchawes Well here is how Maddie sleeps.lmao
(…) This is how my Ghost Hunting companion sleeps.

Happy Birthday! @Jchawes Today was one of my twin sons birthdays. He was born at 11:55pm on the 6. My other twin son was born at 12:19am on...

Unbelievable! @Jchawes the kid does know how to drive..

Break… @Jchawes At the movie " THOR" with the kids. Starts in a fee. Hope its good. MARVEL has been doing some awesome movies. (…)@AdamJBerry off to the airport and back on the road for a few days! Going to Ptown this weekend to move into my summer place and taste a little summer (…)@grantswilson Been a while, Twitter. Been working hard, & playing hard. Took a trip to Ireland &celebrated my son's birthday with a nerf war. Been good. (…)@Jchawes Britt and me are saying the Hell with the workouts tonight and eating whatever we want at The Hard Rock. . I think we've earned (…)@grantswilson Up early, two reveals and a flight. Long day... But it ends with me at home, jamming with the band. :D (…) @grantswilson I play original alternative rock. I play guitar/sometimes bass & sing. My 2 friends chris & chris are in the band & my wife plays bass/sings (…) @amybruni @grantswilson Also, you RAWK. ;) (…)@grantswilson Reading Lady Gregory's translation of "Gods and Fighting Men". Amazing stuff. (…) @Jchawes JJust landed in Boston. Hour ride then I'm home. Hope my twin sons haven't taken over my entirestate with me being gone.

Hungry… @davetango Just stopped at a gas station w/ a Taco Bell. Employee "How are you today?" Big dude w/ puzzled look "I'm hungry".

Flight… @amybruni You're all nerds! ;) RT @britttgriffith: RT @AdamJBerry shout out to @danjillisky on the flight with us! Way to tweet ME: Hey Dan.(…) @britttgriffith RT @amybruni You're all nerds! @britttgriffith: @AdamJBerry @danjillisky ME: hey Dan you can trade seats with Amy. She smells.

Pittsburgh… @amybruni Not home, but back with the rest of the cast and it does feel somewhat homey. :) gnite! (…)@davetango Occupant of room 837, please. please. please. Look into nasal strips. (…) @amybruni They put French fries on salads in Pittsburgh. Just sayin. (…)@amybruni Such a beautiful day! Dreaming of a hammock and a good book... (…) @amybruni Pittsburgh, oh Pittsburgh. Social Distortion tonight! (…)@AdamJBerry At @sociald1 with @amybruni and mike! Taking a break from #GhostHunters! (...)@amybruni For the first time in foreva I don't have to get up for anything. No call times, no phone calls, no flights - just SLEEP, glorious sleep! :) (…)@amybruni Pittsburgh - amazing people, beautiful skyline. See you in October! (…)@amybruni Off to Baltimore today...can someone come pack my room up for me? (…) @britttgriffith Checking out of Pittsburg driving 10 hours to new city. Thanks Pittsburg for some fun times and great Investigations. Hope to be back soon;)

In trouble… @Jchawes Britt Griffith Just got pulled over in pennsylvania. It seems 82 miles an hour in a 55 is bad. Who knew.. (…)@Jchawes Funfun (...)@britttgriffith umm, oops.. for those that have asked, $162 dollars... Ouch..... (…)@Jchawes Whose buying lunch?

Bravery… @amybruni FYI, while going through The Scarehouse, @AdamJBerry used me as a human shield! (…)@AdamJBerry true but @amybruni you used me as a shield when the @scarehousebunny came a knocking!
Warning… @britttgriffith My HTC Droid has become Self-Aware. It is texting and calling people in my contacts at random now. If you get middle of the night calls and text from me, i apologies, apparently my Droid is trying to take over the world.

Busted… @amybruni Haha! Stalker! ;) RT @tapsgirl1: @amybruni did you like pittsburgh :)

Welcome… @grantswilson New addition to the family.. Jack, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel... And THE MAN!

Playlist… @amybruni My paranormal playlist in the newest issue of @TAPSparaMagzine  (...)@amybruni "Where is your smiling face...say hello to a world of disgrace..." ♫  (…)@MistaKJ Some fav bands of all time! Pixies, Clash, Ramones, Violent Femmes, Talking Heads, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Iron Maiden, AC/DC! #justsayin (…)@amybruni listening to "Nirvana - Lake Of Fire" ♫  (…)@davetango listening to "Terravita - Nail In The Coffin" ♫  (…)@amybruni listening to "Red House Painters - All Mixed Up" ♫

From the GHI team

New Zealand… @joe_ghi Car service just dropped me off at Logan for the long add travel day begins! (…)@GHI_Susan I'm kinda nervous on how this 14 hour flight is going to be. Seriously wishing that @GHIPaul was building a teleportation machine. (…)@KrisWilliams81 Sitting at the airport with @GHI_Susan @GHIPaul and @ScottGHI waiting to fly out to New Zealand!! (…)@KrisWilliams81 Oh, jesus. If you could only hear the convo going on in this house... we are basically all living together... this ep could get crazy... (…)@GHIPaul Oddly enough this trip really does have me Time Traveling I've already gone from the 8th to the 10th missing out the 9th wonder what's next (…) @ScottGHI So here we are in New Zealand. Just missed an earthquake here by only a few hours. Seriously? How 'bout something uneventful for a change?! (…) @ScottGHI GHI is "dorm living" it up: all 6 of us are sharing one house a la 'Big Brother' for the week! This should be...interesting...hmm... (…)@KrisWilliams81 Watching the place fill up with smoke while @GHI_Susan @GHIPaul @joe_ghi @ScottGHI and @barryghi cook in the kitchen... #911Ready (…)@ScottGHI Investigation tonight. Sounds like a pretty interesting case. Can't wait!!! : ) (…)@barryghi Blue skies down here in New Zealand, time for some breakfast I think. (…) @KrisWilliams81 GHI "morning" convo-Y toilets outside the states have two different buttons to flush...Thats some exciting shit, huh? ;) (…) @barryghi We are heading to a thermal spa tomorrow, some down time will be nice. (…)@GHIPaul Technically, Im tweeting from the future, right now its the 12th where as back home its still the 11th wonder if I can get lotto tickets (…)@ScottGHI Finishing up evidence. Gonna get to bed & try to get back on track with a normal sleeping schedule... (…)@barryghi I shared my morning excercise with these lucky animals ;) (…)@ScottGHI We toured the earthquake-ravaged areas of New Zealand today. Really depressing. Didn't realize the magnitude of the damage. Terrible.. (…)@KrisWilliams81 JUST FELT EARTHQUAKE!!! bed just shook! lol went out to livingroom 2 see if I was crazy-soon as I went out there Joe's like-did u feel that?

Coincidence… @GHIPaul #FreeComicBookDay just got my free chromic books and who should I bump in to??

The TARDIS! @GHIPaul Vrooooooom!! Vrooooom! Vroooooooom! (...)GHIPaul @GHI_Susan it's a TARDIS not a Tardus (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) (…)@GHI_Susan TARDIS FARTIS... You nerd :P Teleportation machine!!! Now!!! And this time I want all extremities to stay intact!

Twinkies… @KrisWilliams81 @barryghi I got you your twinkie AND fun dip. Well have you all sugared up and bouncing off the walls! (…) @GHI_Susan oh no kris! What are you thinking??? A sugared up Barry is like feeding Gizmo after midnight! (…)@KrisWilliams81 SO! Barry kept insisting I bring him a twinkie so he could try it, even though I told him it was like chewing on a brick of lard... (…) After protecting it from getting squished on 2 flights, he finally tried 1 & decided it tasted like "liquified fat". Yep. Thats. right. (…) @KrisWilliams81 He got a big "I told you so" :) #BrickOLard #TwinkiesSuck

Kris’ Project… @KrisWilliams81 Trying to get video project up by next Wed!!! Waiting for a few more videos to come in from friends!! #HelpTheSouthProject

Yummy… @ScottGHI Okay...I made hot dogs for...breakfast...and they didn't exactly turn out right. Exploded and looked like swollen intestines. Yum!

GHI travel facts… @KrisWilliams81 #GHITravelFacts The second toilet looking thing in your hotel room isn't a water fountain (…)@KrisWilliams81 #GHITravelFacts U can spend English pounds in Scotland, Ireland & the Isle of Mann-U cant spend Scottish/Irish/Isle of Mann pnds in England (…)@barryghi Doo's and don't s of travel, rule number 1, always double check the gender sign before entering a foreign toilet (…) @barryghi Doo's and don't s of travel, rule number 2, establish the side of the road you should be driving on before driving the car. @KrisWilliams81

Official GHI page… @ScottGHI Please "like" the brand new OFFICIAL "GHI" FACEBOOK PAGE! : )

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