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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

BIG NEWS: 'Ghost Hunters' Renewed for 8th Season in 2012

Ghost Hunters will be back in 2012 for Season 8! Entertainment Weekly is reporting today that Syfy has renewed the show for an eighth season consisting of 20 episodes.
The paranormal hit is Syfy’s longest-running reality show (and one of the most veteran on cable) and has spawned both spin-offs (Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Hunters Academy) and knock-offs (A&E’s Paranormal State) as it continues to reign as TV’s top paranormal docu-series. ...  Twenty new episodes are planned for 2012.
A special episode of Ghost Hunters will air tomorrow night (June 1st) at 8 PM before the series premiere of Haunted Collector on Syfy.

Ghost Hunters International starts its new season on July 13th and Ghost Hunters will complete its seventh season starting in August.

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