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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Read the 'Pearl Harbor Phantoms' Recap

Here's a recap of what happened on last night's special episode of Ghost Hunters 'Pearl Harbor Phantoms' (or should we say Part 1?).

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For the first time, the TAPS team headed to Hawaii to investigate the Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor, site of the infamous December 1941 attack. They are joined by Destination Truth's Josh Gates and Britt Griffith (w/o Steve). Jason, Grant, & Josh hear movement, find random K2s, and see a window get blacked out in Hangar 79. Dave & Britt are able to find high EMFs in the artifacts trailer that could be the cause of claims of paranormal activity. Back in Hangar 79, Amy & Adam first hear noises and then see a bright light. Dave & Britt set up a full spectrum camera in the same area in hopes of catching the light on camera. While they are looking for animals on the thermal, Jason & Grant hear footsteps above them in Hangar 79. When Amy, Josh, & Britt team up for a flashlight session in Hangar 37, the flashlight lights up and rolls away (twice), before staying silent the rest of the night. Jason, Grant, & Josh hear walking and see a low moving shadow in Hangar 37. Dave discovers that the word "bullet" seems to cause some activity in Hangar 79 and in Hangar 37 Jason & Grant hear running. Josh, Britt, & Dave see a shadow that turns into a light source later in the same hangar.

As the team heads home, Steve calls Jay & Grant and tells them about an urgent case involving a family. Jay and Grant decide to head home straight away and leave the rest of team to sort the evidence.

We'll get to see the evidence that the team caught on August 24th when the second half of Season 7 premieres!

This recap and many others can be read on our episode guide page!

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