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Sunday, July 3, 2011

News Roundup: Scott's New Book, Kris's Favorite Doors' Songs

Here are a few pieces of news that should have been posted on here a little while ago, but unfortunately weren't. At least they are here now!

Ghost Hunters International's Scott Tepperman has published a new book entitled Chasing Winter. It is a collection of poems that document Scott's experiences traveling the world. It is available at Here's an excerpt from the book that helps explain the book's title. 
First off, I chose the name of my book "Chasing Winter", since it encompass both a literal and figurative meaning. Most likely due to budgetary considerations or to availability/accommodation factors, our filming schedules often place us in locations during the off-season or less desirable time of the year - hence we LITERALLY find ourselves "chasing winter."
Check out a preview below!

On a related note, GHI's Tech Manager Paul Bradford has also published his own book Wish You Were Here. The book features Paul's images from his travels around the world and has received great reviews.

Also, in a new interview, Kris Williams revealed her top 10 favorite songs from the the band The Doors (familiar to anyone who follows her on Twitter, or at least it should be). 

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