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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Kris Williams & Barry FitzGerald Interviews Roundup

A few new interviews have appeared online with Ghost Hunters International investigators Kris Williams and Barry FitzGerald. 

Big Daddy Horror Reviews interviewed both team leaders. Barry shares an account of a life threatening paranormal experience and they also address the dangers of investigating, as well as sharing an experience where  the team was followed by an entity.

On the subject of personal experiences, what has been the most life-threatening paranormal encounter you've experienced?  
Barry Fitzgerald: ...would be the biggest one for me, would have been off the show. And it nearly drowned me in Slovakia - or sorry, not Slovakia, in Snagov in Romania, just a little Transylvania. And whatever that was that was in the water, it's not good. And that was the most challenging thing I have come up against to date.   

AOL Weird News interviewed Kris Williams and she discussed being star struck by Meat Loaf and the challenges of respecting cultural beliefs while investigating the paranormal.

"I grew up with him [Meatloaf]," Williams told AOL Weird News. "I knew his music and I loved him in 'Fight Club,' but when I heard he was going to be on the show, I promised myself I wouldn't ask about 'Fight Club,' or 'Bat Out Of Hell.' I didn't think he wanted to hear that. I thought, 'He probably gets that all the time.'" 
Oh, but the tables were turned. 
"I couldn't believe it," she said. "He was so into the show, he was asking me about particular investigations and what really happened. I thought to myself, 'He's doing to me what I promised myself I wouldn't do to him.'" 

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