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Sunday, July 17, 2011

'Rising From the Dead: Trinidad' Episode Recap

Ghost Hunters International kicked off its third season last Wednesday with a viewer boost to 1.17 million viewers! The first episode features their investigation of the Lopinot Plantation in Trinidad. Here's a recap of what happened:

Kris and Barry start off the evening with an EVP session in the cocoa house/jail. Paul and Susan hear footsteps and a voice above them when in the main house. They also hear a door slam (a claim), but think that the cause of the sound could be the wind. Barry's camera equipment malfunctions near the Gomez Cave and Barry see a figure in front of him that he believes is Kris, until he realizes that she is behind him. They also hear movement around them. Joe and Scott have trouble working with the thermal in the same location, but do capture strange figures on tape, as well as see a flash of light. Paul and Susan discover that the "blood" that is claimed to be on the hanging tree is actually just natural resin that appears to be red. Back by the river, Kris sees a figure move in the brush, but it leaves no marks of its presence. While investigating in the cemetery, Joe and Scott notice that a lot of dogs start barking at once, which could signal paranormal activity. Susan feels something touch her leg as her and Paul leave the caves after hearing noises inside. Once the investigation is over, the team tries to learn more about steel drums and even tries to create their own "music". Upon evidence review, the figures that Joe and Scott saw by the river are debunked to be Paul and Susan. The team records a growl and video footage of a light in a tree, as well as a figure by the river (as seen by Kris earlier in the investigation.)

A new episode of GHI will air on Wednesday!

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