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Saturday, July 23, 2011

'Sensing Evil: Argentina and Trinidad' Episode Recap

The Ghost Hunters International team took on two cases, one in Argentina and the other in Trinidad, on this the July 20th episode.

The team's first case takes them to Chacachacore Island in Trinidad. Kris and Barry hear movement in the chapel. Joe feels a tightening in his chest and a creepy sensation in the nun's quarters while investigating with Scott. Paul and Susan hear voices, shadows, and movement in the infirmary and Susan feels her backpack move on its own. Kris and Barry hear an exhalation and in the cemetery can hear a woman's voice. The team captures faint footsteps, a voice, "go", and "get out". Research reveals that a nun did die at the location under mysterious circumstances. GHI then travels to a slaughter house in Argentina. Barry hears a voice call out "Kris" in the main slaughter lot. Paul and Susan are able to attribute the claims of  women's voices to pigeons in the social area. Scott and Joe hear a cough and see a figure move from the left to right in the cold room. Susan and Paul hear a shuffling sound in the main area. When looking at photos, the team debunks the orbs and records a voice saying "It's my job".

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