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Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Kris Williams & Scott Tepperman Interviews

With just under one week to go until the season premiere, two new interviews have emerged online with Ghost Hunters International team members Kris Williams & Scott Tepperman.
In an interview with, new team lead Kris Williams discusses reconciling her skepticism with her investigating, her interest in genealogy, the new season, and more. 
Will we see a lot of instances in the new season where you walk into a location expecting to find nothing-- or to be able to scientifically reason everything you may come into contact with-- only to be surprised by what may leave you hanging?
K.W.: It’s funny because there have been a lot of cases-- it sounds horrible but there are a lot of cases where I’m like ‘Nothing’s here! It used to be a funeral home; it’s a dungeon; of course people are going to get creeped out; give me a break!’ But once we get into the investigation, the craziest stuff comes out. There was one location in which I saw this huge six-foot tall shape-- shadow-- of a man, and it started from one dark corner and walked to the next, and while it was doing this I heard the door that it was next to unlock. You can’t always go by feeling on a place, that’s for sure, because you could be surprised. And there’s always the places we’ll go to where none of us will have personal experiences, but then there’s something on our audio or on our video that we can’t explain, and we’ll go back and try to pull it apart a little bit more and we still won’t be able to explain it.
Fellow investigator Scott Tepperman was also interviewed by a local Tallahassee news station along with a member of his own paranormal team, the APLHA Ghost Team. You can watch the video interview via this link.
Don't forget that the new season of Ghost Hunters International will premiere its new season on July 13th on Syfy!

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