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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Reverend Claims TAPS Cause of RI Flooding

Reverend Clyde H. Higgins has published an article on ChristWire.Org that claims that the recent severe flooding taking place in Rhode Island is God's way of showing that he is tired of TAPS "opening portals to hell and playing with those spirits." The article claims that TAPS (incorrectly referred to as the Transatlantic Paranormal Society) is a satanic organization whose actions are causing the devastation taking place in Warwick. The article even goes as far as to say that if the show is not cancelled soon "the citizens will fill their airways clog and not be able to breathe but to yelp out for help and mercy for God". It is clear that the Reverend has never seen a single episode of Ghost Hunters and has missed the whole point in which TAPS tries to help families who are suffering from paranormal activity.

There's more! I found another post on the same site dated March 31 which carries on the same theme but adds that TAPS is satanic, pro-witch, and (the best part) demon-posessed! Plus it claims that Ghost Hunters Academy teaches children to do Satanic things like demon summoning rituals! The article continues "Each week these two tap deep into the sewage systems of hell by communicating with Satanic spirits. They try to cross the forbidden line between the spiritual world and the natural without it being ordained by God. Neither one of these men is a priest or pastor and they have no such business communicating with demons." You can even infer that Jason & Grant are druids! But most importantly I am disgusted by the article's mention of "noble acts the Salem witch trials". The witch trails were not noble in any sense and it is simply sickening to me to think that in the 21st century someone actually thinks this way.

Behold the power of God as he floods Warwick, New Jersey off out of His country of America.Ghost Hunters is an evil TV show that airs on the SyFy cable channel. On it they teach people how to play with Satanic spirits and Oiuja boards. God does not ordain these things and therefore it is sin in his eyes.

It is no secret that God once flooded the entire Earth for sin. God promised to never destroy the Earth win a flood again, but he said nothing about flooding entire cities until everything is drowned for wickedness.

Now we see Rhode Island is being flooded for hosting Ghost Hunters. Ghost Hunters is a secret Satanic sect known as TAPS (Transatlantic Paranormal Society). You can interchange Society for Satan in that acronym, because that is what this show represents.

God has grown tired of how this show is opening portals to hell and playing with those spirits. It is not right or moral and is evil.


  1. Wow! The Rev sounds like a real piece of work. Dang, probably a bit too much religous entrenchment there. Someone need to remind him that he's quoting outside the Bible.

    Just the same - GH? I could see him saying it about maybe Paranormal State or Ghost Adventures (even though such is still not possible) but not GH, they're just too low key.

    God has grown tired of this lol. I still can't believe someone said such a nutty thing.

  2. Great new header picture by the way

  3. Thank you very much! I always appreciate it when people realize the changes that I have made! :)

  4. It sounds to me that the reverend is a couple of dishes short of a Sunday afternoon pot luck. That and/or he's an ignorant attention seeking fanatic who hasn't bothered to do his research. That alone is, in my opinion, scary that he is guiding people to his deranged mindset. Isn't that how cult leaders get people to do horrible deeds supposedly in God's name? Before anyone gets their panties and/or boxers in a bunch I am Catholic. I believe in God and Jesus. I also firmly believe in life after death therefore I believe in the paranormal. Let's hope that people do not take this, uh, reverend's ignorant babble seriously! To the reverend I say to you get your facts straight before you try to educate people about that which you do not know!!!

  5. Yes Donna, that is the mindset for cult leaders who get people to do horrible deeds in God's name. Of course they would scream at us if we used the word cult because they really don't realize it.

    He is a very illiterate individual as well. His articles simply proved to me that he had no education whatsoever and probably didn't even finish high school.

    I read some of his other posts in there and he's a bigot, racist and gay basher and he makes it quite known.

    If he's a reverend, he got that title online and not the hard way.

    A new Jim Jones has been born.

    And women! He believes they belong in the kitchen making super and punching out babies and that's about it for their duties. He's a real sicko.