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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ghost Hunters to Investigate Philadelphia Zoo

The Ghost Hunters are headed to Philadelphia to investigate America's oldest zoo, the Philadelphia Zoo. They will be shooting and episode tomorrow and Friday nights, according to Philly.Com. Although home to many animals, the ghosts that are said to haunt the administration building and other locations around the zoo are all human in form. The investigation will air in fall.

THE PHILADELPHIA Zoo is haunted, say staffers who are glad that they may soon have some understanding of what spirit or spirits could inhabit America's oldest zoo.

The SyFy Network's "Ghost Hunters" will shoot at the zoo tomorrow and Thursday nights, investigating several areas where workers have reported flickering lights or apparitions.

The locations include Solitude House, which John Penn, grandson of William Penn, built in 1784 and which formerly housed reptiles; the Penrose building, which used to be a research laboratory and vet hospital; and the Shelly building, now used for
zoo administration.

"We feel very strongly that there is some sort of haunting here, and we're looking forward to finding out what," says Kirsten Wilf, marketing specialist for the zoo. Wilf says that Jody McNeil Lewis, vice chair of the board, had the idea to contact "Ghost Hunters."

Wilf says that employees have seen only human forms. No animal spirits are thought to be haunting the premises. Lewis, who is among those who have seen evidence of hauntings, is to be interviewed, as are revenue-control supervisor Will Gonzalez and primate keeper Desiree Haneman.


  1. Amazing. I'm in the middle of writing my second novel, which was outlined in 2008. In an early chapter, I have a loosely knit team of ghost hunters that guessed it...a zoo. A fictional zoo in this case. When I saw the trailer on SyFy for the upcoming season of GH, needless to say I was a bit surprised!

    Phil Giunta
    Author, "Testing the Prisoner"

  2. I recently brought my kids to the eagles fly for lukemia event that was hosted at the philadelphia zoo because my son has a rare disease and is on chemo and we were invited by childrens hospital. It started at 630pm we walked around and saw the animals that were still out and then ate the dinner provided for the event. By 830 we were all worn out and I wanted to hit the ladies room before we left. My husband stayed behind with the boys who were all listening to the entertaiment. I walked down the path to the bathroom that wasn't exactly well lit. I made it to the bathroom handled my business and walked out. There were a few people in the bathroom that I could hear talking as I left but when I got outside and began walking back up the path there was no one in that area at all. I walked at a rather fast pace to get back to my family and as I was walking something suddenly stopped me in my tracks. I felt something in front of me and looked up from my feet and stared straight ahead. There was a solid black mass that was loosely in the form of a person no farther than a foot away from me. I stayed still in one place to scared to move for a moment and then within 45 seconds it was gone. I immediatly started moving as fast as I could with out looking insaine and told my husband what I had just saw. His only responce was "oh yeah I heard people say there were ghosts at the zoo before." I wasn't expecting that answer since I had never heard anything about ghosts in the zoo before. I know that what I saw was a ghost I am absolutly certain of it. Me and my husband are huge gh fans and I am surprised that I was as frightened of that experience as I was.

  3. @amber Interesting experience! I am excited to see what the TAPS team has found at the location.

  4. next time do the light thing (and say hi to kelcey