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Monday, April 5, 2010

TAPS Testing Medical Technology

The Business Wire has posted an interesting news article today which discusses the use of KB Port's ETC Technology on the show Ghost Hunters. The technology was originally intended to be used by medical students to simulate training situations, but has proved to be an invaluable addition to TAPS's vast array of equipment. The TAPS team is even testing new additions to the eqipment so that KB Port can expand upon their technology and open into new markets. The ETC is also used in physchology and counseling and has even seen interest by the Department of Defense.

Kb Port’s involvement with these two groups is no accident. In fact, Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, and Britt Griffith of TAPS have performed extensive field testing with the ETC. In their time with the product, they’ve thoroughly familiarized themselves with the equipment to provide KB Port with valuable feedback concerning the strengths of the ETC.

While the technology was originally designed for medical training simulations, its feature set suits it perfectly for use in the realm of paranormal investigation. Specifically, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and EMF readings can be tagged to individual audio and video recordings—allowing the ETC to log large amounts of data while remaining synchronized. Additionally, the ETC allows users to manually flag an event during live recordings or during post process—especially useful for paranormal investigators who wish to mark a specific moment in a recording for future reference.

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