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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Ghost Hunters Visit the 'Inn of the Dead'

As previously reported in February, TAPS investigated Cape Cod's Orleans Inn during the first week of February and in a new article on Wicked Local Cape Cod, the owner of the inn said, "They [TAPS] definitely found some stuff that makes you think". The results from the investigation will air on April 21 during the episode 'Inn of the Dead'. The owner of the inn, Ed Maas, says that the location is haunted by at least three ghosts and that they are well known in the local community. Among them are Paul the dishwasher and Hannah, who was murdered in front of the inn.

Ed Maas can’t tell you much about the upcoming episode of Ghost Hunters focusing on the Orleans Inn, but he can say this: tune in.

“They definitely found some stuff that makes you think,” said Maas, who owns the inn.

Back in February a team from the popular show, which airs on the Syfy channel, spent several days at the inn after getting a tip from the chamber of commerce that the historical spot was haunted.

What they found with their high-tech equipment will be revealed on April 21 during the episode, “Inn of the Dead.”

“It was fascinating,” said Maas, of the time he spent with the two plumbers, Jason and Grant.

Most locals have heard about the ghosts that inhabit the inn and Maas and his family has gotten used to them, even attached, over the years. Maas said along with some cats that haven’t completely crossed over that occupy the closet in Room 4 there are at least three ghosts.

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