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Sunday, April 18, 2010

TAPS Paranormal Boot Camp Held in Fort Henry, NY

Amateur paranormal investigators were hunting for ghosts at Fort William Henry in Lake George, New York last weekend while attending a Paranormal Boot Camp help by The Atlantic Paranormal Society. Attendees were taught the proper use of equipment such as EMF meters and audio recorders and also got first hand experience investigating the fort. GHI investigator Dustin Pari also was looking for ghosts during the weekend long event and investigation. TAPS will also use the event for research to decide if a future episode of 'Ghost Hunters' should be filmed at the location.

About 60 people gathered on Friday night to walk the grounds of the Fort William Henry Resort and replica fort to search for proof of paranormal activity that countless people - guests, employees and others - have reported encountering.

The 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. investigation was part of the TAPS Paranormal Boot Camp, a weekend-long program led by The Atlantic Paranormal Society geared towards novices interested in learning how to detect and interact with the spirit world.

Hours before the investigation unfolded, those would-be ghost trackers were
broken into training groups and sent out into the field to study.

TAPS coordinator Syd Schultz II led paranormal seminars through the day to teach how to use the tools of his trade, including EVPs - electronic voice phenomenon
readers - and EMFs, electromagnetic field readers.

The fort was chosen because it's known as a hot spot for paranormal activity, said Austin, Fort William Henry's ghost guru. The site was home to a massacre in the mid-1700s during a war between local Indians and British soldiers.

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