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Friday, March 12, 2010

Ghost Hunters Wrap-Up Their Investigatation at Norwich

Previously, we've heard reports that TAPS was interested in investigating the Norwich Hospital property in Connecticut and that they had contacted the city in hopes of conducting an investigation. It seems that the city said yes, because a new article posted on the Norwich Bulletin reveals that TAPS and the SyFy crew filmed at the location Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night. Some filming is still set to take place outside of the building. Apparently this investigation came with a price tag, since "they gave the town a location fee of $4,000"!

Jason may have given fans a sneak peek of this episode through two photos he has posted on his Twitter account, both from a morgue (only on Ghost Hunters!) See them here and here. As of now we can assume that the are from the Norwich investigation.

The reality television show “Ghost Hunters” filmed Monday, Tuesday night and Wednesday night at the former Norwich Hospital property in Preston and gave the town a location fee of $4,000.

Kent Borner, chairman of the Preston Redevelopment Agency, said filming is nearly complete, except for one day of filming outside. He does not know what, if anything, the ghost hunters found.

“I know for sure they were in the administration building,” Borner said. “And they were talking about getting into the tunnels.”

He said the crew may also have gone into the Ribicoff building, where medical procedures and operations were performed. The Ribicoff was also the site of the hospital’s morgue.The former Norwich Hospital has been thought for years to be haunted, perhaps by the ghosts of its patients.

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