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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dustin & Angela Investigate Battleship NC

GHI investigator Dustin Pari and former investigator Angela Alderman will be investigating the historic Battleship North Carolina in an upcoming event on April 9th. The TAPS team visited the battleship during season 2 and were able to record an EVP of someone saying "Patterson". Tickets to the event are $100 per person and include a meet and greet, lecture by Dustin, and a five hour investigation of the battleship. You can buy your tickets by visiting the Ideal Event Manage website.
  • 6:00pm- 7:00pm Meet and Greet with Dustin Pari from the Sci-Fi Channels Ghost Hunters International show, along with special guests Research Paranormal, a local paranormal group.
  • 7:00pm- 8:00pm History and Overview of the U.S.S. North Carolina battleship.
  • 8:00pm- 9:00pm Lecture by Dustin Pari on his adventures and findings traveling the world in his search for Ghosts.
  • 9:00pm- 2:00am Break up into groups and begin investigation.

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