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Monday, March 29, 2010

Academy Recruits Visit Mark Twain House, New Info

Thanks to Twitter, we have learned a few nuggets of new information about the upcoming season of Ghost Hunters Academy, set to premiere in June. Two tweets from Jason reveal that yesterday, one recruit was sent home and that the cadets are ages 18 to 40 this time, not just in college. Today the Mark Twain house posted a photo on their account that showed the GHA RV and the message 'Look who came to visit this week!'. We knew previously that Jason would have a larger involvement in Academy and these new developments seem to indicate that this is the case. TAPS investigated the Twain house in Season 4, but lost a lot of evidence due to a hard drive failure. Hopefully the recruits have had better luck.
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Image above property of The Mark Twain House.

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