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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

SyFy Changes Academy, New International Member

Today marks one year since SciFi morphed itself into the newly rebranded SyFy, and in a press release published today, SyFy outlined some changes to the Ghost Hunters franchise. First up Ghost Hunters Academy is set to evolve into more of a competition series in which hopeful recruits are elminated weekly by the one and only Jason Hawes. Plus, Ghost Hunters International will see an addition in the form of a new team member, Scott Tepperman. I think that this Scott Tepperman from Alpha Ghost Team in New York is the same one mentioned in the press release.

Ghost Hunters Academy evolves into a competition series where each week, a different ghost hunting hopeful is voted off by one of the ultimate judges of paranormal investigating, Jason Hawes. Ghost Hunters International will add a new cast member (Scott Tepperman). Both shows are spin-offs of Ghost Hunters, television's #1 paranormal investigative franchise.

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