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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ghost Hunters Celebrate 100 Episodes

Last night, the long awaited 100th episode of Ghost Hunters aired amidst a live audience and discussion. During the night, the TAPS team took questions from the audience (among them 'Does the paranormal keep you up at night?' and 'Does ghost hunting ever conflict with your religious beliefs?') while also featuring their 100th episode episode investigation of Alcatraz Island. Barry and Dustin joined in on this particular investigation and the team unearthed some shocking EVPs. The team also got a chance to test out some new equipment, one that projects laser dots across a room and another that monitors audio frequencies.

Two familiar faces from Ghost Hunters Academy made an appearance during the show, Karl Pfeiffer and Susan Slaughter, talking about their upcoming adventures on GHI and the second season of GHA that is set to premiere June 2, 2010 with all new recruits and episodes. Robb Demarest, Dustin Pari, and Barry FitzGerald where also present to talk about their upcoming travels with Ghost Hunters International and promising an exciting new season for their viewers (set to premiere in July 2010).

The night included a few laughs, most memorably a presentation of 'snozzberry' pancakes to Dave Tango in response to a bet he made on Alcatraz. The event concluded with a few final words from the team and a short statement from the show's producer, Craig Piligian, who remarked on how succesfull and unexpected the Ghost Hunters franchise has become. And who could forget the Alcatraz cake?

The show ended on TV, but if you logged onto, the discussion continued in an exclusive after party. Although I personally missed some of it due to connection problems, the team did talk about an upcoming episode in the season in which they respond to a cry for help and some of the new equipment that will be seen in Season 6.

All in all it was fun way to ring in an impressive milestone for the Ghost Hunters franchise and we thank Jason, Grant, Steve, Dave, Kris, Amy, Robb, Dustin, Barry, Karl, Susan, and Josh for sharing the night with us!

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