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Thursday, March 25, 2010

TAPS Investigates Cooperstown Hotel with New Member

TAPS is spending two weeks investigating the Otesaga Hotel in Cooperstown, New York to search for signs of paranomal activity. Claims of paranormal activity from the location include full-bodied apparitions, voices, and the sounds of children playing when nobody is present. The reporter from The Daily Star caught up with Britt Griffith who talked about TAPS' investigative method and also introduced a new member of the TAPS team. KJ McCormick is quoted in the article as saying that investigating with TAPS is a "once in a lifetime oppurtunity" and the report notes that he joined TAPS just about a month ago. The appearance of the black and yellow TAPS van has sparked interest in residents, who have shared stories about their own unexplained experiences.

But he said 70 percent of cases investigated by ``Ghost Hunters'' result in paranormal activities, which are events that can't be explained.

Griffith, a California resident, said he worked 15 years as a foreman at an asphalt construction plant, and checking out paranormal events was a hobby. His interest developed into professional opportunities with ``Ghost Hunters.''

KJ McCormick, an investigator, agreed that being on the TAPS team is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.``I'm just passionate about the paranormal,'' he said. McCormick, a wood and steel worker who lives in Boulder, Colo., said he joined TAPS about a month ago, and this visit is his first to Cooperstown.

``We're trying to bring some validity to the reports of activity in the hotel,'' McCormick said. ``I love the Otesaga _ this is a great hotel. ... I love the creaking floors and the large rooms with tall ceilings.''The team and crews arrived Monday, Griffith said, and some residents have noticed their van with ``TAPS'' lettered on the black exterior and inquired about their visit.

``Everybody has a ghost story in this town,'' Griffith said.

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