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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kris & Amy Talk About Their "Supernatural Hotness"

In a new interview with, TAPS members Kris Williams and Amy Bruni talk about their "supernatural hotness", shopping, being the only two female members of the TAPS team, and their approach toward ghost hunting. Don't forget that we will be conducting our own interview with Amy Bruni soon, so now is your chance to submit your questions for the exclusive interview!

Eric - You guys put the genre on the map in terms of being taken seriously, and that’s an amazing thing really.

Kris and Amy – Thank you. The big thing for us is being skeptics and going into it to find out what’s going on . What we find is what we find – either people believe it or they don’t. We don’t put on an act – what you see is what you get. We’re very serious – unless it’s Steve and Tango! We have a good time, but we’re very passionate about finding the truth.

Let’s move on to the really important stuff: if you snoop around on the Internet and check out the fan sites, you are the ghost hunting babes! How did this come to be? How do you feel about that? Reveling in your supernatural hotness and all.

Kris – We don’t feel “hot” most of the time. Usually we don’t have nice hair and clothes on – we’re climbing through all kinds of crazy little tunnels and basements, and running from bats.

Amy – Yes, everyone pretty much sees us at
our worst so I don’t know how this happened. We’re both very curious about how
this happened, but it’s interesting – that’s for sure![Laugh] We watch very closely to see what things change and it seems like you both have become a bit more fashionable, perhaps, over time. I would imagine that’s just something you’re doing on your own.

Kris – When I came into it I had been a flooring installer and carpenter for three years. I was a bit of a tomboy until this one [Amy] started, and she ruined me with the shopping and the clothes!

Amy – That’s what happened – we just started shopping more and that’s why we started wearing cuter clothes. It’s going to
make me go broke!

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