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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

GHI Season 1, Part 1 Slated for June Release

Just when it seemed like the Ghost Hunters International DVDs were cursed, is reporting that Image Entertainment has announced a June 1, 2010 release date for Ghost Hunters International - Season 1, Part 1. The 3 disc set including 10 episodes will run a total of 481 minutes and sell for $24.98. The set will also feature deleted scenes. You can pre-order the DVD through our Amazon store. The following 10 episodes will be in Part 1:

  • Chillingham Castle
  • Evil Unearthed
  • Whispers from Beyond
  • Haunted Village
  • Fortress of Fear
  • Frankenstein's Castle
  • Larnach Castle
  • Devil Dog
  • Castle of the Damned
  • Shattered Spirit

This hit spin-off of the popular Ghost Hunters features a new team of all-real paranormal investigators - Robb Demarest, Dustin Pari, Brandy Green, and Barry FitzGerald - who use scientific techniques to explore the world's most famous supernatural locations. From England's most haunted castles to a cursed Scottish orphanage and even Germany's legendary Frankenstein Castle, you'll accompany the team on a nerve-jangling exploration of the eeriest spots around the globe.

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