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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

100 Episode Media & Excitement

The Ghost Hunters live show is less than twenty-four hours away and the TAPS team Twitter accounts have been ablaze with mentions of the upcoming event. We know that the entire team (plus Josh Gates (Destination Truth) and Karl Pfeiffer (Ghost Hunters Academy)) is in New York preparing for the big event tomorrow. Kris & Amy mentioned via their Twitter accounts that they had quite a morning doing different media interviews with different news stations across the country. One of them was with Good Day Sacramento and can be seen below. Kris and Amy keep tight lips regarding the results of the Alcatraz investigation, but do mention the live show and some interesting info (scroll to the last video in the player).

Jason has tweeted a few videos of the TAPS team in New York,
here is one featuring Steve Gonsalves during a recent dinner the cast & crew had to celebrate 100 episodes.

And finally, we get our first glimpse into the set constructed for tomorrow's live show
right here!

You can find links to all the TAPS team's Twitter accounts
from our website.

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