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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Trip Down TAPS Memory Lane

As Ghost Hunters prepares to reach its 100th episode milestone within mere hours, you can take a trip down memory lane, all the way ack to the first unaired episode of Ghost Hunters in which the team investigates the Lyman residence to help the family get to the bottom of the unexplained occurances in their home.

Some interesting things to note in this first episode:

  • The classic black & yellow TAPS van is missing, instead a white van takes the team to the home

  • Only 3 investigators from this 1st episode will be in the 100th (Jason, Grant, & Steve), as opposed to the 4 (Brian, Donna, Keith, & Heather) who won't.

  • It looks like TAPS headquarters for this episode is in Jason's basement, not even in the trailer featured in Season 1.

  • Look at that technology! The TAPS of today wouldn't use such large pieces of equipment (form the audio recorders to those huge computers!)

  • Do you see any cords in this investigation? I didn't, which means that all the cameras were on tapes, not connected to the DVR.

  • Here's something that hasn't changed, the audio program used on the 1 laptop looks identical to the one used in the 99th episode.

  • Take a closer look at Steve and you will see that his right arm doesn't have a single tattoo on it!

If you see any more interesting things, please post them in the comments! Plus, don't forget that there is a Ghost Hunters marathon all day on SyFy that you won't want to miss!

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