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Friday, October 22, 2010

SyFy Creates Ghost Hunters Haunted House Finder App for iPhone/iPad

If you just can't get enough Ghost Hunters on TV and online, there is now a whole new way to feed your addiction! SyFy has just created a new iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app called the "Ghost Hunters Haunted House Finder". The app allows you to look up over 100 haunted locations all over the country that have been investigated by the team in addition to the results of their investigations. The app can be purchased here for 99 cents. Below is the description from the Apple store.
Your guide to over 100 haunted locations in the US that can be visited virtually any time. Everything from hotels and restaurants to museums and tourist attractions are featured here with info on each location’s history as well as the results of the Ghost Hunters’ investigations. Now you can quickly find many locations featured in your favorite episodes of Ghost Hunters and find out which ones are nearby. Use the app’s location-aware message board to leave a message for fellow ghost hunters to find when they visit a location. You can also check in with Foursquare right from the app. As the Ghost Hunters team visits new places they will be added to the app automatically, so be sure to check after new episodes air on Syfy.
Images from Apple Store

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