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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another Kris Williams Interview; Kris On Traveling, Eating, & Music

A recent slew of Kris Williams interviews are emerging online (another sign that something is about to happen involving her), the latest one has appeared on HauntJaunts.Net, a paranormal themed travel blog. Kris discusses the thing she cannot travel without (her iPod), her off camera experience with Dustin at Waverly Hills Sanatorium, her diet on the road, and her love of music.
HJ: What’s something you absolutely don’t travel without?

KW: One thing I never travel without is my iPod. Not only do I love music but it’s nice for downloading movies and is great for just about any travel situation. It’s perfect for flights and a long car ride. It’s amazing how music can keep you sane.

Lately another thing I have started to pick up is reading. I was never big on reading before. Over the summer a friend of mine gave me a book about Jim Morrison and before I knew it, I was picking up another one about him, then moved on to “The Alchemist” and now I’m onto some true crime books. With travel it’s all about finding things that you can put down and pick right back up whenever you have the time.
Keep reading the interview at Haunt Jaunts.

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