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Monday, October 25, 2010

Kris Williams Talks GH Live, Ouija Boards, 'Paranormal Activity', & More

Kris Williams recently conducted an interview with the website Accidental Sexiness. The interview encompasses a wide variety of topics, including her thoughts on ouija boards and the movie Paranormal Activity (she hasn't seen it), working with the Real Housewives of Atlanta (she says that they took the work seriously and didn't freak out when they experienced activity), and the upcoming Ghost Hunters Live event.
Neal for AS: Did you see Paranormal Activity?
Kris: You know, I have no desire to see it and everyone asks me that. I do this every day for real so I don’t need to see the movies about it. It’s like, ‘I’m gonna go investigate an old fort tomorrow, why would I want to go see a movie about it?’ I’d rather be at the fort. Plus Hollywood makes things bigger and crazier and I’d be picking it apart.
Neal for AS: That makes sense. I never thought about it that way. One of the things they do in the movie is pull out a Ouija board to try and talk to the ghost. What do you think about ouija boards?

Kris: I’ve played with them when I was a kid. I think everybody is guilty of it. I had some crazy stuff come out of it. We played every day and it turned into a weird morbid thing, but it was fun. After using it for so long we started hearing things in our house, doors slamming, footsteps, and so forth. Whether it had anything to do with the board I have no idea. People always say you should mess with them, that you are opening yourself up to things.
I think there is some truth to that, I’m just not sure how much.
Read the entire interview here!

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