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Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween Giveaway: Ghost Hunt Signed Book Scavenger Hunt!

GHOST HUNT Signed Book Scavenger Hunt

Announcing our month long Halloween giveaway! Our main prize this year will be a copy of Ghost Hunt: Chilling Tales of the Unknown signed by the authors JASON HAWES and GRANT WILSON! Other prizes will also be given away, but they are surprises for those who win them!

As the name of this contest implies, you will have to scavenge for your chance to win the signed book. Every Friday this month (starting next week) there will be a new scavenger hunt posted on this site. Your job is to find the answers to the questions somewhere on GhostHuntersFans.Net. Every scavenger hunt will be up for one week. If this sounds complicated it really isn't! It's just like entering any other contest, just with a fun twist added to it. A sample question might be When was the name of the first episode in Season 3 of Ghost Hunters? You could visit our episode guide to find the answer.

Sound like fun? Make sure to stay tuned next week, when the first scavenger hunt is posted!


  1. might be fun......we will see what we see.....

  2. I'm in!! Funny how I had dreamt about a scavenger hunt last night and I was having a blast!!

  3. Cant wait.. Love these guys, they are so down to earth in person too.

  4. I love the the scavenger hunt!! woohoo....